Sunday, November 19, 2006

Got My Fingers Crossed

Finally, things are getting back to normal, whatever that is. So much has happened since I last blogged. Let's see. I got a request from an agent and a publisher for 3 chapters of 'Abby' and a synopsis. You all know that's no guarantee that they'll want it, but at least I made the first cut. Yahoo! I'm sort of back to sending out a couple submissions a day, one novel and one short story. I'm actually beginning to enjoy it. Of course, on the short stories especially, I'm getting quick rejections, but hey, they can't like it if they don't get a chance to read it. Had a short, quiet writer's meeting on Saturday. Not too many attendees. Guess the winter visitors aren't back yet. I submitted a silly little piece called 'Hear about Phil?'. I wrote it to satisfy the prompt from the LHCWG and FlashXer. Started out at 400 plus words, but I pared it down to 250 to meet the requirements of the LHCWG prompt of 'fireworks'. Those 250 word exercises are so great in learning how to get your point across without redundancy. After the meeting, around nine of us gathered at the local Denny's to chat. Lots of good ideas come out of those impromptu sessions. Earlier today I got two submissions sent off, got the Telephone Pioneer newsletter ready to go, then cleaned up my backed up email and now I'm updating this blog. Life is good! So, think I'll treat myself to a Law & Order rerun. And oh, that sunset is too good to miss. Now, where's my wine.....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Visitor from Virginia Blue Ridge

Had a lovely surprise today. I answered my phone this am and a lovely voice said, 'Hi, this is Sharon.' Sharon Tabor Warren is a writing buddy from my Desk Drawer on-line writing group. We have exchanged crits, subs and emails for a couple of years now and it was just great putting a face to a name. She's on her way to a reunion in Blythe, Calif. and had stopped at our Lake Havasu City Wal-Mart. She came up to my house and we got to visit for about an hour, way too short of a time. There was never a quiet or awkward moment. We talked like old friends, and I guess we really are due to our interaction on DD. She's going to be busy, but I'd love for her to find the time to drop by again. I've gotten back to my submission commitment. I sent out one novel query and one short story submission on each of the last two days. Feels good to be submitting again. Also, I noticed that Lois, JOan and I hadn't set up our crit date for Nov., so I suggested the 9th and they agreed. I enjoy our threesome for the crits and the camaraderie of two dear friends. Also, got a notice today that Pat Agnew will be signing her book, 'How to Talk to your Doctor' on Saturday over at Hastings. I'll be there! I'm so happy for her. I printed up my edits to Hannah from June and will try to get to them tomorrow. I hope that gets the creative juices going and I can write a few more chapters. I found out that a former member of our writer's group has subscribed to Hannah. So, I know I have at least 4 subscribers. I'll have to check with Virtual Tales and find out when I'll see any payments. Busy day tomorrow, a property owners policy meeting, a service call by the AC/heater maintenance folks and finally dinner out with a few friends, so I'll call it a night.