Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good Month!

Again, weeks have passed since last I blogged. I am the world's worst journaler. Where does the time go? Let's see where do I start? Well, I guess I could write about my prolific month. Four acceptances!! (Long Story Short Ezine - 'Exquisite Moments' won an honorable mention, Long Story Short Ezine - 'Left With an Empty Easter Basket' accepted for their essay category, Skive, printed anthology from Australia - 'Taken Begets Taken' won out to be included from submissions from worldwide authors, Flash Tales Ezine - 'Recruiting' was requested by the editor, Mike Kechula) Yahoo! Now, I guess because of these successes, I've decided to take a big chance. Xlibris Publishers called me with a marketing proposition. They will contact a jillion potential buyers, request reviews/interviews from hundreds of media outlets, post an ad for my book on a multitude of websites and finally contact major newspapers with 'best seller' lists and, using the Xlibris-Random House clout, request book reviews. Sounds good, right? I can only hope so. I had lunch yesterday with Shirley Wolford, the authoress of 20 or more published books. The woman is legally blind and 93 years old. Yet, she just published an ebook and has another book in the works. She is amazing! I'm working on the anthology committee for my local writer's group and as a result I'm reading some really good stories/poems/memoirs. Each member submitted 3 pieces and I have to rate them 1,2 or 3. The committee meets tomorrow and we'll compare how we rated the pieces and decide what goes to print. What a talented group of folks! I'm still reading my Judith Krantz book. She must get paid by the word. The plot is okay, but I think I've figured out the ending. However, her characters are interesting and it's what keeps me reading. Now, I have to read my Zane Gray book. I goofed and picked up one of his true stories about when he hunted mountain lions. So far, quite dull. Well back to the anthology stories. Ciao!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Not One, But Two!!

Had a great Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, I got word that my short story 'Taken Begets Taken' was selected to appear in an Australian Anthology print copy of 'Skive, The Short Story Quarterly'. It doesn't pay anything, but feels good to think that of the 60 some subs they received, they chose mine and it will be ready over in Australia. Then on Wednesday, I heard from Long Story Short. My short story, 'Exquisite Moments' got an honorable mention from their 'Out of the Mouth of Babes' judges and will appear in their March e-zine. They pay with a book on writing that they will be sending to me. Yahoo! Feels good to get two in two days. Been busy lately, but I managed to send off some crits and a sub to my Flasher's Dozen group. Got only one feedback so far. It's a dark tale and the critter said the story engaged her, but the treatment of the victim was hard to take. I fictionalized an account I heard while have beignets at the Cafe Du Monde across from Jackson Square in New Orleans a few years ago. Scary folks, I must say and their tales stayed with me. I'm reading a John MacDonald book now. It is one of his Travis McGee series. I keep seeing Frank Sinatra playing McGee, but I looked it up and he never played that character, but that's who I think of when I read MacDonald's character descriptions. It's a good read, but I see that he also wrote 'Cape Fear' and some sci-fi. Wish I'd found one of those. Went to Mom's grave yesterday. It was her birthday and I brought her some flowers. Interesting that the story I wrote about her 'Left With an Empty Easter Basket' was printed on LSS e-zine this month. Met my brother Jim and his wife Ellen there. We went to dinner, than to the Riverside Casino for keno and bingo. Yeah, I won $500!! Then Ellen and I watched 'Babel'. Interesting. Wouldn't want to see it again, but I must admit that it did make me squirm in places and the acting was very good. Well, still must finish my MacDonald book, twenty pages to go. So, with my head still swelling with pride over the TWO successes, I'm outa here for now.