Monday, October 30, 2006

Life Goes On

It has been a week now since I lost Dave. It's been hectic, but it has also been a time for reflection on the good side of life, especially when it comes to family and friends. The cards, calls and visits have been almost non-stop. I am trully blessed to have such people in my life. As to my writing, it's been on a back burner. Although, today, I did send out another query to an agent and a short story to an ezine. I received a rejection today from an agent. It reads, 'Awesome! Dear Sharon - we pass, but clearly you can write. Keep at it. Blog, Speak and keep writing - Something will give!' Now if that isn't the ying and yang of the writing world, I don't know what is. Smile-Smile! The coordinator for the local Spring Fling called today and needs my picture, bio and a brief blurb about the topics I'll moderate this coming Feb. on Journaling and Short Story Writing. I'm so looking forward to it. The folks are always so nice and it's a wonderful opportunity to sell my books. Also, Bertha from the college called the other day. She encouraged me to talk to the Enrichment Class coordinator at the college to see if she needs me to do any workshops. I've enjoyed doing them in the past and again, they are a good way to sell books. So many emails to answer, so must sign off for now. Maybe tomorrow, I'll find time to write. I think I hear 'Hannah' calling to me.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sad News

Life has changed for me. I arrived home from Denver on Monday morning to find my husband 'asleep' in his recliner in front of the television set. I called the police, who sent the para-medics, but he was gone. He passed sometime between Saturday and Sunday, because he dropped the dog off at the boarding kennel around 10 am Saturday, then wasn't alive to read the Sunday papers. I feel bad that he was alone, but the paramedics, police and mortician feel that he feel asleep watching TV and never woke up. His eyes were closed, his hand folded over his chest and a soft expression graced his face. He's been in ill health for years so one can only hope he has found health, peace and happiness in the beyond where we are all headed. I am doing fine emotionally thanks to the support of all my wonderful family and friends. Their offerings of kindness have been my strength through all of this and I count myself a lucky person to have each and every one of them in my life. Now, with all the associated paperwork generated by this change to my life, my writing has taken a back seat. June, my editor for 'Hannah' has been most understanding. I've let my commitment of one novel and one short story submission every day slide, but I've gotten a couple of rejections, like I needed that right now. However, the ezine Long Story Short accepted on of my short stories which, oddly enough, was about my mother's final days. I really need to get back to answering both my phone and email messages/condolences, so I'll sign off now and hope for sun and rainbows tomorrow in my Arizona sky and in my ever-searching soul.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Still in Denver

Still in Denver. At least the snow from Friday night is gone. It is beautiful here, but I do so miss my Arizona! Haven't had the time to do much writing the past couple of days and I feel like I'm going through withdrawal. I'm having lunch with a cousin and his wife, that I just recently met, and have a couple of hours to spare before I meet them, then fly home. So, naturally, I've got to write. Turned in a flash story to FlashXer for a prompt about something risque. Speaking of FlashXer, there's quite a discussion going on as to whether a series of flash fictions stories can be turned into a novel. Most FlashXers feel that it can't, but one says empahically no. I think my Hannah turned into a good 'novel' and it started with about a dozen flash stories written to a variety of prompts. Who knows who is right or wrong and does it matter. Each individual reads/writes to their taste and that is certainly a varied commodity. I just finished reading 'The Martian Chronicals' by Ray Bradbury and it seems to me that he created quite a powerful novel out of a series of short stories. Oh, got two more rejections from agents. Oh well, still keeping to my committment to one a day. Maybe they'll get tired of hearing from me and feel pity. Yeah, like that's going to happen. Yeah, it will!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back on Track

So much has been going on these past couple of weeks! Too much life to live and too few hours in the days/weeks to get it all in. Just tonight, I had my monthly writers meeting with Lois and JOan. Not only do we learn so much from each other, but we enjoy each other's company as we share our thoughts on writing, family and just stuff. Tonight they gave me crits on my 'Rodeo Romances' and I was pleased that they liked it. I ran into a writer friend the other day. Her name is Shirley Wolford and she has had numerous books published. She is now 92 years old and is busy editing a novel that is due to be published next year. She asked me how my writing was going and I told her that I hadn't been sending my novels out to publishers/agents recently. She said, "Why do you write them, if no one is going to read them?" Her words made me do some soul searching. I found that I would write no matter if my words were never read by anyone. I have to write! But, it is a wonderful feeling to have someone read your novel/story and then start talking about your characters. I love my characters, some more than others, but I love for others to meet and enjoy them. When I'm asked how I come up with my stories, I always tell folks that I think writers are schizophrenic. But, they only hear good voices, not voices that tell us to take and Uzi and ..., well you get the idea. But, back to Shirley. I decided that she made a good point, so I promised my self that I'd start submitting again. I dusted up my old novel submission letter, made it more generic, gave info about how much I've written and gotten published. I've set a goal of one novel and one short story submission per day. So far so good. Publishing World, here I come!! Now, I must sign off and try to finish my Mario Puzo book 'Omerta'. My book club meets Saturday and I'm not even half way through the book. I must say, I do like the way Puzo develops his characters, which is my true love in any book. So, good night for now!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Home Again

The days fly by far too fast! Not only am I back from Calif., but I've been to Chicago and back. Attended a 75th birthday party for a dear, dear aunt. It was fun, but again, I missed my time to write. Mike's Flash Tales Ezine came out last month and he did right by my story 'The Pencil Collection'. I can only hope his ezine becomes extremely successful. I've been away from my western serial for a couple of weeks now and I really need to move Hannah along. Besides, I miss her. Lots of interest regarding the value of on-line writing groups this week. Both FlashXer and Desk Drawer moderators sent out queries about the value of the prompts. Both got great reviews and I can only hope it encourages them to continue doing the fine job we subscribers have come to appreciate. We learn so much and stretch our imaginations on both sites. I was so happy to find a sub from Lois on Flashers-Dozen. I'd never read that story and rally enjoyed it. Sandra read it too and sent Lois a nice crit. I'm off to Parker, AZ today to attend our Telephone Pioneers Sunday Social at the Roadrunner Floating Bar & Restaurant. We had a blast last time, so I'm looking for a good time today. And, we'll probably stop at the casino on the way home!