Sunday, October 01, 2006

Home Again

The days fly by far too fast! Not only am I back from Calif., but I've been to Chicago and back. Attended a 75th birthday party for a dear, dear aunt. It was fun, but again, I missed my time to write. Mike's Flash Tales Ezine came out last month and he did right by my story 'The Pencil Collection'. I can only hope his ezine becomes extremely successful. I've been away from my western serial for a couple of weeks now and I really need to move Hannah along. Besides, I miss her. Lots of interest regarding the value of on-line writing groups this week. Both FlashXer and Desk Drawer moderators sent out queries about the value of the prompts. Both got great reviews and I can only hope it encourages them to continue doing the fine job we subscribers have come to appreciate. We learn so much and stretch our imaginations on both sites. I was so happy to find a sub from Lois on Flashers-Dozen. I'd never read that story and rally enjoyed it. Sandra read it too and sent Lois a nice crit. I'm off to Parker, AZ today to attend our Telephone Pioneers Sunday Social at the Roadrunner Floating Bar & Restaurant. We had a blast last time, so I'm looking for a good time today. And, we'll probably stop at the casino on the way home!

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