Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sad News

Life has changed for me. I arrived home from Denver on Monday morning to find my husband 'asleep' in his recliner in front of the television set. I called the police, who sent the para-medics, but he was gone. He passed sometime between Saturday and Sunday, because he dropped the dog off at the boarding kennel around 10 am Saturday, then wasn't alive to read the Sunday papers. I feel bad that he was alone, but the paramedics, police and mortician feel that he feel asleep watching TV and never woke up. His eyes were closed, his hand folded over his chest and a soft expression graced his face. He's been in ill health for years so one can only hope he has found health, peace and happiness in the beyond where we are all headed. I am doing fine emotionally thanks to the support of all my wonderful family and friends. Their offerings of kindness have been my strength through all of this and I count myself a lucky person to have each and every one of them in my life. Now, with all the associated paperwork generated by this change to my life, my writing has taken a back seat. June, my editor for 'Hannah' has been most understanding. I've let my commitment of one novel and one short story submission every day slide, but I've gotten a couple of rejections, like I needed that right now. However, the ezine Long Story Short accepted on of my short stories which, oddly enough, was about my mother's final days. I really need to get back to answering both my phone and email messages/condolences, so I'll sign off now and hope for sun and rainbows tomorrow in my Arizona sky and in my ever-searching soul.

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joan hobernicht said...

This was a poignant espression of your loss. Well written, I love it