Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still in California

Writing is at a standstill, although I am formulating a story based on one of the Farrell offspring. It's very much in the 'thought' stage at the moment. I did release a story to Flasher's Dozen for crit. It didn't score high. Creativity is at a low. Did manage to sent out some crits to FD and to the Havasu Writer's, but overall not much writing getting done.

As to personal life, Hailey didn't win any medals in Mich., but she ran with the big dogs and I do mean big. Those girls may have been her age, but they had her by six inches or more in height. She and Kim had a fun time and appreciated the specialness of even being there. Nick and I did fine on our own. Went to the movies, he had playdates and he even had a session at the driving range with grandson Alex.

Went to see 'Swing Vote' with Ellen. One of the best Costner movies I've seen. Good 'get out and vote' movie. Had dinner at 'The Bear' with Jim and Ellen.

Alex got his learner's permit, so I let him drive me to the movies to see 'Hancock'. Funny movie. Alex did quite well with his driving. We went to the Red Tractor for dinner before the movies. It was nice just the two of us.

Kim's best friend from high school, Stacy, arrived last Friday. Her son Max is nine. He and Nick are great buddies. They left Wednesday night for So. Calif. Lots of stuff on their agenda - Dodger game, planetarium, cowboy museum, Disneyland and Hailey has quite a few soccer games. They'll be home tomorrow night.

We to the movies with Ellen yesterday to see the latest 'Mummy' movie. Bad, really bad. Even Brendan Frasier couldn't save it. Then out to dinner at the 'Olive Garden'. Two words - yum, yum. Two more words - eggplant Parmesan.

Today it's laundry, updating this blog and catching up on email. Maybe even a few lines of the novel in my head!