Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ah, Sweet Sunday

Sunday, I do like Sundays for some reason. The quiet of the streets, the Sunday crossword puzzles and I seldom have any meetings or commitments. My cough is lingering, but I feel better day by day. Went to Laughlin on Friday to visit with my bro and sister-in-law. He's as grumpy as ever. I'm a little worried about him. Ellen and I went out to dinner, then to see 'The Oakridge Boys'. A great show as always. Out to dinner last night with the Hollies and the Mossbargers. Fun time and a good shredded barbecue pork sandwich. Then home to listen to my new 'Poverty Neck Hillbillies' CD. Love their 'I may not be Mr. Right, but I'm Mr. Right now'. Sooooo true. Then I managed to write a new short story. Written to my FlashXer prompt of Blue Plate Special. It is loosely based on the story of a cousin of mine. Have had only one crit, but she loved it. Felt good to be writing. Glad the fog of the cold has cleared. Also met the Desk Drawer prompt motivated by a picture with my short story 'Gretchen's Insight'. Getting good feedback on it. Also met the Valentine prompt for Flasher's Dozen with my 'Stupid Cupid' story. No crits on that one yet. Yahoo, feels good to be in the groove again. Talked to JOan yesterday. She is doing well, but her computer is on the fritz. She called to check on the book club meeting for John MacDonald. She seemed to like him and that seems to be the general comments I've been hearing. I must get the book! I'm lucky to have met JOan, she's always so supportive and once again she's been published in an anthology. This one is called 'Chick Inc.' I'm going to order it. She is such an inspiration. Well, dog is begging. Wants her walk, so it's off to greet the day. More later ....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It Got Me!

Yep, it got me. The common cold! Started last Wednesday and I'm still coughing today. However, the chest wheezing has stopped, so I think I'll live. I want to saint the creator of Nyquil. At least I got some sleep and relief from the coughing once the Nyquil took effect. One good thing came of it, I've watched a lot of old movies. Actually watched 'How the West was Won'. Lots of stars in that one. I especially enjoyed Gregory Peck's portrayal of the rascal gambler with a heart. Oh, by the way, Diane Keaton did overact terribly in her movie 'Because I Said So'. It could have been a really good movie because the rest of the cast did a good job and it was a funny plot. Do people really LIKE overacting ala the Keaton and Jack Nicholson mode? It turns me off. I've not done any writing or critting for the past week. Didn't even make it to my Saturday writer's meeting and I rescheduled my one-on-one crit session with Dave B. So, you know I've been feeling bad. I have a CD playing right now and I just heard 'Rodeo' by Copland. It is just brilliant. I love the visuals he creates that actually make you picture the old west. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with fellow writers Coco, Do and Lois. It will be fun; it always is with that talented group. I'm still trying to finish my Judith Krantz book 'I'll Take Manhattan' from my last month's book club. She must have been paid by the word. The plot is okay and I'm interested in some of the characters, but she over sets up a scene and overtells the detail of her characters which leaves nothing for the reader to make his own. Have been getting some good feedback on next month's author John MacDonald. I must get one of his books. Well, I'm off to another dose of Nyquil and a lovely cough free night ....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back to Hannah

I've written two episodes of Hannah in the last couple of days and it feels sooooo good. I've been considering bringing it to an end and put it on Virtual Tales as an ebook. Still not sure. I would miss my editor, June. She has been a delight to work with. She has a great editorial eye and a nice way of upgrading my work. Right now, I've got Liam and Hannah in Johnson City chasing down Drake. And, they've found three dead railroad men. Always a murder for them to solve. :-) Amid Liam's determination that Hannah should marry him. Hummmm, maybe I don't want to end this serial. I will miss these two exciting characters. Sent off a couple of short stories for one ezine and one print anthology. Feels good to be 'out there' again. I need to get the books sent out again, but with the Pioneer garage sale due this week-end, don't see any free time to do that until at least next week. Off to lunch and a movie today. Going to see the new Diane Keaton movie. Hope she doesn't overact. Yeah, like that's going to happen! Oh, well, the rest of the cast looks good!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Successful Spring Fling

Another Spring Fling has come and gone. The Fling is a week of classes and activities put on by our local Lake Havasu City Parks and Recreation Dept. They invite 'experts' in topics like basic Spanish, taxes, investing, crafting, swimming, dancing, writing, massage therapy, acupuncture, holistic healing and a jillion other topics. They ask me to moderate classes on Journaling and Short Story Writing and I'm more than happy to have the opportunity to try to peddle my book and my on-line serial. This year, again, I met some interested and talented folks, sold some books and maybe attracted a member or two for the local writer's group. I did find that I need more time for the Writing Short Story Workshop. The organizers of the Fling rushed my closure and rushed the attendees out before they had a change to ask questions or for me to peddle my book. Still, it was fun and I'll do it again next year, if asked. Got some great prompts for Desk Drawer and Flashxer regarding 'feelings' and 'observation', so combined them and sent 'Rewards' to both groups. Getting some good feedback. Got a crit from a friend up north on my excerpt from 'Abby' that I submitted to Flashers-Dozen. He pointed out some author intrusion and some POV changes. He was right on. Still, I'm not sure if I want to change it and I wonder why. It came to me that I'm not writing 'literature' per se. What I write is probably more classified as pulp/commercial fiction and I do favor the Omniscient POV. It is right? Not sure, but I do favor full disclosure to my readers. Had a nice meeting last night with Lois for our small crit group. Got some good feedback on my silly story about working as a tour guide at a movie studio. JOan didn't make it to the meeting. She called to tell us that as she was on her way to join us, a jaywalker walked right into the side of her car. The girl wasn't hurt and JOan's car wasn't damaged, but JOan called the police. The girl was given a jaywalking citation and JOan was not cited for anything. Still, she was upset and went back home. Hope she had a glass of wine and good nights sleep to calm her nerves. Quite a scary situation. Tomorrow is my book club meeting. We'll be discussing the books of Judith Krantz. I'm reading 'I'll Take Manhattan'. So far, it's predictable and rather boring. Hope it gets better. Was talking with Lois last night about starting a new novel and I think I've finally decided to do a sequel to 'After the War, Before the Peace'. Those who've read the sequel I've already written are upset that one of the main characters, Lita, is dead at the start of the sequel. They said they needed more on her and some closure before I drop her from the story line. Right now, I have some free time, so think I'll do some crits on some subs from my fellow on-line writers. More later.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Had a great time today. Almost 30 people in the class and everyone was so receptive. Vivian and Lucy from the Lake Havasu City Writer's Group were there. Also, Gladys, the lady with 60 years of love letters was there. Had some nice comments after the class and sold six 'After the War, Before the Peace' novels. Very rewarding for me and I can only hope the folks that attended the class felt it was time well spent. Have been getting some great feedback on my Long Story Short essay. I'm surprised at how many folks have similar questions about God. Went to a Republican Women's meeting tonight. The speaker was a young man from Italy who is now an American citizen and is very passionate about the illegal immigrant situation in this country that he now so loves. One could question the value of his involvement with a militia group, but his passion about his love for our constitution and freedoms were quite moving. He should write a book! :-) Ahhh, now for some relaxation time. Time for wine and a good book.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Left With An Empty Easter Basket

Hey, just got my Feb. 07 issue of Long Story Short and there's my story! Check it out at . Caution, it has some issues with God that may be offensive to some. So, Avalon didn't want me, but Long Story Short likes me! :-) Ah, the ying and yang of writing. Got an episode of Hannah (check it out at ) written and sent off to June Diehl, my editor. Feels good to be writing again. Had my writer's meeting this last Saturday. Always motivational! Great bunch of writers and good friends. Tomorrow, oh wait, later today I moderate my Journaling workshop. Hope it goes well. I think I'm ready. Had to make-shift the business cards for 'Hannah', because ye olde printer decided to be ornery. But, I think I'm as prepared as I can be and all packed to go. I was surprised to see that I only have six copies of my 'After the War, Before the Peace' They're selling like hotcakes! Teehee, don't I wish. Well, wish me luck about tomorrow. Sleep tight.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Sad news. Avalon Books did not want my novel, 'Abby'. I appreciate that they liked the synopsis and liked the three sample chapters I sent them. But, after requesting and reading the complete novel, they turn it down because of some profanity I used and 117,000 word count instead of their max of 60,000. Hello! There was profanity in the first three chapters and the synopsis stated the word count! Oh well, it was nice waiting the three weeks that they had it, because of the hope I experienced that this was going to be my big 'break'. Now, it's back to the submitting again. Oh, they did say they liked my writing. :-) I can't believe I have let so much time pass since I last blogged. Of course, there was the trip to Calif., Christmas, paperwork regarding Dave's death and just plain January blahs. But, the temperature hit 70 today, the sun is out and I think I'm back in the grove. In fact, I even finished another episode of 'Hannah'. Tomorrow I'm moderating a class on journaling. So, guess I'd better get my notes together, make sure I have enough handouts and do a final practice run through. Over 20 folks have signed up for the class, so I owe those folks their money's worth. Wait, I'm doing this for free! Still, I'm taking up their time, so I do owe them. Ciao!