Monday, February 05, 2007


Had a great time today. Almost 30 people in the class and everyone was so receptive. Vivian and Lucy from the Lake Havasu City Writer's Group were there. Also, Gladys, the lady with 60 years of love letters was there. Had some nice comments after the class and sold six 'After the War, Before the Peace' novels. Very rewarding for me and I can only hope the folks that attended the class felt it was time well spent. Have been getting some great feedback on my Long Story Short essay. I'm surprised at how many folks have similar questions about God. Went to a Republican Women's meeting tonight. The speaker was a young man from Italy who is now an American citizen and is very passionate about the illegal immigrant situation in this country that he now so loves. One could question the value of his involvement with a militia group, but his passion about his love for our constitution and freedoms were quite moving. He should write a book! :-) Ahhh, now for some relaxation time. Time for wine and a good book.

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