Friday, February 09, 2007

Successful Spring Fling

Another Spring Fling has come and gone. The Fling is a week of classes and activities put on by our local Lake Havasu City Parks and Recreation Dept. They invite 'experts' in topics like basic Spanish, taxes, investing, crafting, swimming, dancing, writing, massage therapy, acupuncture, holistic healing and a jillion other topics. They ask me to moderate classes on Journaling and Short Story Writing and I'm more than happy to have the opportunity to try to peddle my book and my on-line serial. This year, again, I met some interested and talented folks, sold some books and maybe attracted a member or two for the local writer's group. I did find that I need more time for the Writing Short Story Workshop. The organizers of the Fling rushed my closure and rushed the attendees out before they had a change to ask questions or for me to peddle my book. Still, it was fun and I'll do it again next year, if asked. Got some great prompts for Desk Drawer and Flashxer regarding 'feelings' and 'observation', so combined them and sent 'Rewards' to both groups. Getting some good feedback. Got a crit from a friend up north on my excerpt from 'Abby' that I submitted to Flashers-Dozen. He pointed out some author intrusion and some POV changes. He was right on. Still, I'm not sure if I want to change it and I wonder why. It came to me that I'm not writing 'literature' per se. What I write is probably more classified as pulp/commercial fiction and I do favor the Omniscient POV. It is right? Not sure, but I do favor full disclosure to my readers. Had a nice meeting last night with Lois for our small crit group. Got some good feedback on my silly story about working as a tour guide at a movie studio. JOan didn't make it to the meeting. She called to tell us that as she was on her way to join us, a jaywalker walked right into the side of her car. The girl wasn't hurt and JOan's car wasn't damaged, but JOan called the police. The girl was given a jaywalking citation and JOan was not cited for anything. Still, she was upset and went back home. Hope she had a glass of wine and good nights sleep to calm her nerves. Quite a scary situation. Tomorrow is my book club meeting. We'll be discussing the books of Judith Krantz. I'm reading 'I'll Take Manhattan'. So far, it's predictable and rather boring. Hope it gets better. Was talking with Lois last night about starting a new novel and I think I've finally decided to do a sequel to 'After the War, Before the Peace'. Those who've read the sequel I've already written are upset that one of the main characters, Lita, is dead at the start of the sequel. They said they needed more on her and some closure before I drop her from the story line. Right now, I have some free time, so think I'll do some crits on some subs from my fellow on-line writers. More later.

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