Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ah, Sweet Sunday

Sunday, I do like Sundays for some reason. The quiet of the streets, the Sunday crossword puzzles and I seldom have any meetings or commitments. My cough is lingering, but I feel better day by day. Went to Laughlin on Friday to visit with my bro and sister-in-law. He's as grumpy as ever. I'm a little worried about him. Ellen and I went out to dinner, then to see 'The Oakridge Boys'. A great show as always. Out to dinner last night with the Hollies and the Mossbargers. Fun time and a good shredded barbecue pork sandwich. Then home to listen to my new 'Poverty Neck Hillbillies' CD. Love their 'I may not be Mr. Right, but I'm Mr. Right now'. Sooooo true. Then I managed to write a new short story. Written to my FlashXer prompt of Blue Plate Special. It is loosely based on the story of a cousin of mine. Have had only one crit, but she loved it. Felt good to be writing. Glad the fog of the cold has cleared. Also met the Desk Drawer prompt motivated by a picture with my short story 'Gretchen's Insight'. Getting good feedback on it. Also met the Valentine prompt for Flasher's Dozen with my 'Stupid Cupid' story. No crits on that one yet. Yahoo, feels good to be in the groove again. Talked to JOan yesterday. She is doing well, but her computer is on the fritz. She called to check on the book club meeting for John MacDonald. She seemed to like him and that seems to be the general comments I've been hearing. I must get the book! I'm lucky to have met JOan, she's always so supportive and once again she's been published in an anthology. This one is called 'Chick Inc.' I'm going to order it. She is such an inspiration. Well, dog is begging. Wants her walk, so it's off to greet the day. More later ....

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