Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It Got Me!

Yep, it got me. The common cold! Started last Wednesday and I'm still coughing today. However, the chest wheezing has stopped, so I think I'll live. I want to saint the creator of Nyquil. At least I got some sleep and relief from the coughing once the Nyquil took effect. One good thing came of it, I've watched a lot of old movies. Actually watched 'How the West was Won'. Lots of stars in that one. I especially enjoyed Gregory Peck's portrayal of the rascal gambler with a heart. Oh, by the way, Diane Keaton did overact terribly in her movie 'Because I Said So'. It could have been a really good movie because the rest of the cast did a good job and it was a funny plot. Do people really LIKE overacting ala the Keaton and Jack Nicholson mode? It turns me off. I've not done any writing or critting for the past week. Didn't even make it to my Saturday writer's meeting and I rescheduled my one-on-one crit session with Dave B. So, you know I've been feeling bad. I have a CD playing right now and I just heard 'Rodeo' by Copland. It is just brilliant. I love the visuals he creates that actually make you picture the old west. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with fellow writers Coco, Do and Lois. It will be fun; it always is with that talented group. I'm still trying to finish my Judith Krantz book 'I'll Take Manhattan' from my last month's book club. She must have been paid by the word. The plot is okay and I'm interested in some of the characters, but she over sets up a scene and overtells the detail of her characters which leaves nothing for the reader to make his own. Have been getting some good feedback on next month's author John MacDonald. I must get one of his books. Well, I'm off to another dose of Nyquil and a lovely cough free night ....

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