Sunday, February 04, 2007

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Sad news. Avalon Books did not want my novel, 'Abby'. I appreciate that they liked the synopsis and liked the three sample chapters I sent them. But, after requesting and reading the complete novel, they turn it down because of some profanity I used and 117,000 word count instead of their max of 60,000. Hello! There was profanity in the first three chapters and the synopsis stated the word count! Oh well, it was nice waiting the three weeks that they had it, because of the hope I experienced that this was going to be my big 'break'. Now, it's back to the submitting again. Oh, they did say they liked my writing. :-) I can't believe I have let so much time pass since I last blogged. Of course, there was the trip to Calif., Christmas, paperwork regarding Dave's death and just plain January blahs. But, the temperature hit 70 today, the sun is out and I think I'm back in the grove. In fact, I even finished another episode of 'Hannah'. Tomorrow I'm moderating a class on journaling. So, guess I'd better get my notes together, make sure I have enough handouts and do a final practice run through. Over 20 folks have signed up for the class, so I owe those folks their money's worth. Wait, I'm doing this for free! Still, I'm taking up their time, so I do owe them. Ciao!

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