Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hannah & Stuff

It's the end of August. That's so hard to believe. The days just fly by. I'm still in No. Calif. and am more than ready to head back to Havasu. I miss having the time to devote to my writing. Being with the kids/grandkids is too wonderful to let slide, so I focus on them when I'm here. But, between Hannah and some other on-line publications, I need to focus on my writing. Mike's Flash Tales ezine is due out Sept. 1st and I'm excited to check out my 'Pencil Collection' and to see all the stories in his new publication. Sure hope it goes well. Sandra Seaman sent me an email today and she has a piece accepted by Mike, too. I watched the movie 'Rent'last night. Very sad, but a good watch. I would never buy it, but it was an excellent study on life in NY for struggling artists. Went to see 'A Step Above' the other day. Very sweet movie and the dancing was spectacular. I sent out three subs to my various writing groups and have been getting some great crits back. It's funny, but you can read, read, read you own stuff and still miss things. The writing groups are so helpful in learning and sharping one's editorial skills. Only four more days until we head back to Lake Havasu city. Yeah!!!

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