Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thoughts on Writing and Stuff

Wonderful day of writing yesterday. Got Liam to find the baby in my 'Hannah' story. Today I'm going to work on getting Hannah out of the mess she's in. Also, watched the movie cocoon. Lots of holes in the plot, but it was a movie to make you dream. I was asked if I'd go with the aliens to outerspace and leave my family and friends behind. And my answer was yes. I love living and the thought of living for centuries while traveling the universe is too much to resist. I thought the conflict showing the emotions of one of the couples who were torn about leaving their grandson, but went anyway, pretty much expressed my feeling. Now, on to today. First, it's read the Sunday papers and walk the dog, then lunch with an ailing friend, maybe a stop to check out the big sale at Penny's and then maybe a trip across the river tonight for a couple of hours of keno. No matter how it turns out, it looks like a lovely day. Hope yours is too.

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