Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bear Day

Just got home from working on our Telephone Pioneer 'hug-a-bears'. I'm not much help, but I do stuff the little fellows with filling. Then, their ribbons are added, final stitches are made to close them up and voila, they are ready to be sent over to the local hospital emergency room to be give to children in trauma. Always feels good to do this. Decided to use my latest prompt about a hug from my FlashXer on-line group to close out a story I wrote to a prompt given a week ago about a romp. Part 2 turned out well and left the reader with a happy ending. Getting good crits back. Even from some men. Funny, these characters would not let me go. I kept thinking of them and it seemed they wanted closure. I love it when that happens. Will leave for a few minutes for lunch with a friend. I sure hate leaving her to go Calif. next week. She's pretty much made herself into a shut-in and I can't get through to her that she'd feel better if she stayed active. Is there a mental switch that kicks in at a certain age that says, 'I'm old. I'll just sit here, take my medicine and wait for the grim reaper to arrive.'? I hope not. Then this afternoon, it's back to writing. I'd like to finish chap. 34 of 'Hannah'. I've killed off the bad guy, so now I need to think of another mess to get Hannah and Liam involved in. Hear that, Muse? Muse? Muse? Ah,... where are you?

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