Friday, August 11, 2006


Had a great meeting with Lois and JOan last night. It's our monthly crit night at Denny's. Lois' story of a rekindled old love was a delight. JOan's saga of April is well written, but it nearly breaks your heart. Got another lead today to send a sub. It's 'Flash Me' ezine. Jeanne Eddy, LHCWG member, is an editor there and she sent the info. to me. Got some good prompts today from my on-line writing groups so I hope the creative juices get a nudge from the muses. Wait, I think I hear one now! Gotta run,

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joan hobernicht said...

Did you get my last comment? I think not. so here goes. I need to sit down and do another blog. Thanks for the submission opportunities.Maybe I will submit somethiing on line tomorrow.I really enjoy our thurs. nite once a month confabs. such a joy to talk writing with fellow writers. Keep blooging. JOan