Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Off to the Redwoods

Gosh time slips away much too fast. Today is my birthday and I'm here in Calif. celebrating it with my kids and grandkids. They're taking me to my favorite New Mexico cuisine restaurant. We drove up here to Pleasanton last Saturday and have been busy ever since. Not getting too much writing done. Oh, I did get some good news. Mike Kechula from my FlashXer writing group is starting his own ezine. He requested my story, 'The Pencil Collection' for his inaugural issue. That was so unexpected and it's a paying ezine. So, I was doubly flattered. To counter that success, I received a rejection from another ezine. They said they like my writing, but it didn't fit their needs. Ah, the old seesaw of the writing world. Because I'll be away from the computer for the next couple of days camping in the redwoods above San Francisco, I'd better sign off for now and finish another chapter of 'Hannah' before I leave. So, so long pardner!

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