Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Just got home from my Telephone Pioneers luncheon. The camaraderie amonst those folks is one of life's pleasures for sure. Trouble is, we're not getting any younger and we've not had new members for some time. Hopefully, this fall, the arrival of the snow birds will fill some ranks. Getting lots of helpful crits on my last few submissions to my on-line writer groups. It's always interesting to see who gets your message/plot manipulation and who doesn't. The varied styles and interests of the groups make for invaluable feedback. Today's prompt from FlashXer deals with hugs. I think I'll expand on my previous story 'Lapse in judgment'. Anyway, the rest of the day is mine. Oh, went to see the new movie 'World Trade Center' yesterday afternoon. It was difficult to watch some scenes as they were actual footage of the horror of that day. But, overall it was a movie about human kindness, family relationships and the will to live. I think the actor who portrayed Will deserves an Oscar nod. Also, I was surprised at Oliver Stone's ability to just tell a story without nudging his audience with his agendas. Okay, time to write. Take care.

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joan hobernicht said...

hi Sharon I think I have now read all your posts. YOurs are much more professional than mine. Keep up the good work. Joan