Sunday, November 01, 2009

Good & Evil - A Divine Purpose

Nov. 1, 2009

Not a bit of writing done today, so sad. But did some promoting of my book signings coming up next Thurs. and Sun. Looks like I'll have a couple of folks there.

Then talked with Cindie. She listened to my entire interview with Newoka. She has an interview scheduled for next Saturday. Unfortunately, it starts at the same time as our LHCWG meeting. Good thing the interviews are recorded for playback at a later time.

During my interview, Newoka talked about how much work goes in to writing a novel. Well, for me, the writing is easy. But, all the extras that go along with it makes it sometimes laborious. Like having a good handle on grammar and knowing when the rules can, or should, be broken. Knowing what constitutes a full story, be it a short story or a full novel. Then, I won't even go into the 'joys' of submission and marketing of your work. I guess that's why I haven't made it any further along with my writing 'career'. For me, the story telling is all fun and joy, but .... Anyone out there want a job? I'll give half the earnings of my first best seller to anyone who will give me an hour a day to do the administrative part of this writing/publishing gig.

So, looking at writing from a good (the actual writing) and evil (all the administrative stuff) I must agree with Melva, a participant in a discussion led by J.J. Dewey. "Both good and evil serve as part of divine purpose."

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