Monday, December 14, 2009

Enjoy your Excellent Today, Expect the Beauty of the Future

December 14, 2010

Again, time has taken me from my daily ramblings. I guess it's good, because it means I have lots to do and lots of fun people to do it with.

Had the Bullhead City book signings on the 6th. Only sold one book. It was a slow day, but we met some very interesting people and many took our business cards, so who knows. The Hastings folks were so very nice. In fact, the mother of one of the Hasting's folks won our contest. We had the folks we talked with sign a form that entered them in a contest to win a $20 gift certificate! Had fun driving up there with Cindie and Doug.

Went to a local club meeting on the 7th and was introduced as Havasu's local author. Felt good, now if it just paid good.

Dropped by Jim's place on Tuesday and picked up my copies of 'Offerings from the Oasis - 2010'. It's the anthology put out by my local writer's group. I was lucky to get two of my stories published in the book. They chose 'Pastrami vs Tuna Salad' and 'Exquisite Moments'. I'm so pleased. Gina, the editor did a terrific job! This year the main picture is a native American pottery scene and the border is a bright red/orange. It's a knock out!

Thursday I met with Jude to give her the 3rd book in the Farrell series, 'Deborah's Story'. She is willing to read and do an edit of it. We had a fun lunch talking about lots of things, but especially writing and what we like and don't like. She did such a great job on 'A Meandering Road - Lita's Story', so I'm so grateful that she's willing to do it again. We probably won't meet again until after the 1st of the year.

Then that night was the meeting of the Four Goddesses. I didn't have anything to crit, but I got some good feedback on episodes of 'Stephen's Boys'. We firmed up our plans for our Kingman book signing on Sunday.

Jude had purchased Lois' book, 'Finding Angela' at Hastings and wanted it autographed. I took it to Jude along with two copies of 'After the War, Before the Past'. She was dining with a group of her friends. They treated me so nice and again it was fun being introduced as an 'author'. I'm so pleased that 'Hannah' has stimulated sales for 'After the War,...' I stopped by Hastings today and they had sold 4 copies of 'Hannah' and 3 of 'After the War, ...'. Yahoo!!! I brought their total on hand back up to 5 of each. We local writers are so lucky to have Hastings bookman, Peter, to work with. He's very supportive and makes the process quite simple.

Last Tuesday, I sent some info on all four of us Goddesses to the Kingman Daily Miner about the book signing. I checked each day, but nothing. Then, in the Sunday edition, they gave us a half page. It brought in folks that knew us here in Havasu, but were now living in Kingman. Without the publication, they wouldn't have known we were there! Too bad our Today News Hearald isn't as supportive.

Saturday was the annual Christmas meeting for my book club. Great stories, DELICIOUS treats and lovely Christmas gifts. Some of the older members like Rob, Jilma and Coco weren't there and I missed them. Next month we read the books of Linda Howard.

Sunday was the Kingman book signing. A SUCCESS! I sold 7 copies of 'Hannah' and 3 copies of 'After the War, Before the Peace'. But it was a success in so many other ways. We met lots of interesting people and the Four Goddesses had some time to just sit and talk. Always a fun time with them! Again, the Hastings folks were super! And, Cindie's Doug, he's an angel for toting my stuff around in addition to what he does for Cindie. I told her he's like a Mormon husband. He has two wives to take care of, but he doesn't get all the fringe benefits. Anyway, they are both sweethearts and I'm glad they, Lois and JoAn came into my life!

Today was getting ready for my bi-weekly meeting with Dave for our crits and for the first meeting of my novel club. I'm really looking forward to tonight! I hope it works.

Oh, and I got an email from the agent that I met at the SSA conference who asked to read 'Mama Played for the King'. She wants to see the entire novel! Yahoo!!! It doesn't mean she'll take it, but at least she wants more. Things are definitely looking up.

So, I'm on a high these days and this following quote seems to express how I'm feeling. I hope it works for you, too. 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams'. Eleanor Roosevelt


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Sharon said...

Hey Anonymous, Do I know you? Thanks for this nice comment. It is most appreciated. Sharon