Monday, November 01, 2010

Characters ``` Love 'em or Hate 'em

A day when I didn't have to leave the house! Yahoo. Those don't come to often, so I really enjoy them. Of course, my main focus was to move The Band along and I did. I've just introduced two characters who will have a deep impact on a third character. I want the reader to like all three of them, despite some bad behavior of one of them, so it will be a challenge. Characters! That's what writing is all about to me. All the stories have been told, but each character in a novel or story as the opportunity to make their particular mark on a another character or a situation. That uniqueness is what makes writing so much fun.

Had an email today from a fellow LHCWG member. She is looking for info on how to start/maintain a blog. I gave her this blogger site, but told her I'm not all that great at blogging so I didn't feel I had much to offer her. As we talked, we discussed the future of writing and the impact that the ebook world is making and how it won't be a choice, but a necessity, to know about blogging, e-marketing, twittering and facebooking. It's definitely a new world out there as to publishing.

I watched Nim's Island today and it was so much fun watching Jodie Foster portray an author who lives through her dashing and daring adventure hero only to have to take on her hero's attributes in order to save a little girl left alone on an island. Jodie was so believable as the writer and how she related, or lived vicariously, through her character.

So, with all this chatter about characters, I will sign off with this thought - " A man never discloses his own character so clearly as when he describes another's." - Jean Paul Richter

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