Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to Submitting

With Virtual Tales folding, I'm left with no future for 'Hannah' in a print format, so I must begin shopping it around again. VT was so good to me and so efficient in working with us authors that I was spoiled. However, it does bring me back to basics as a writer. To get published we have to leave the lovely world of our characters and step into the real world of marketing. The staff at VT is trying to find publishers that will take our orphans on, but it is still up to me to write the submission data. Ugh!

Daily, I'm still upgrading 'Momma Played for the Kind'. I really want to get it done and get it sent out for publication. I'd love for the lady who gave me her life story and let me run with it to be able to see it in print. I'm halfway thru, but what's taking me time is adding scenes and putting more detail into various scenes. I think it is rounding out the story. Again, I'm walking that fine line between too much detail and not enough.

I wrote a 'romantic' novel a long time ago 'Finding Amy' and submitted it to the romance magazines and was rejected for having too much plot and for one violent scene. I've worked on it recently and added more detail. I've had three folks read it. They all liked the characters and the overall plot. One said it was an okay read, one said she enjoyed it, but that I've written better and one just loved it. They are all readers of my genre. I've decided to give it one more edit and try to market it again. It's about a young Texan lad from a ranching background who is just returning from Vietnam and about his falling in love with a Boston debutante.

I guess, for awhile, I'll have to share my creative time with trying to market those creations. So, I'll try to keep remembering the good and inspiring words of Sam Walton - "High expectations are the key to everything." And of the little train that could, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ......"

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