Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jennifer Cloud Stops By This Week!

You are all in for a treat today as author Jennifer Cloud stops by and shares some of her thoughts on writing. We are indeed lucky to hear from such an accomplished author. Here are just a few of her accomplishments. The 2008 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice nominated her novel Her Eyes for Best Paranormal from a Small Press. Her Eyes was also nominated for Best Comtemporary Book. The Wicked Witch won 2004 Preditors and Editors Reader's Choice for Best Horror. It also won a Reviewer's Choice Award. Her novel Wanting More received a CAPA nomination and an honorable mention in the Golden Rose Awards. Restless Shadows placed number eight in the top ten for Preditors and Editors Reader's Choice for Best Horror. After reading her list of accomplishments, we know that checking out Jennifer's thoughts on writing is going to be fun and certainly worth our while. We are lucky she is joining us this week.

I asked Jennifer a couple of questions about her writing and here's what she shared with me.

What does your writing schedule/routine usually look like?
I get up early and try to get in as many words as possible. There are times I write all day, when my Muse is kind. Others, I can stray from the computer unable to string two words together. I learned a trick from a friend. Always stop writing when you have more to say. That way it's easy to start writing again.

Do you write a little every day or do you block out large chunks of time to devote solely to your writing?
I used to write every day. I now try to steal time when I can. Real life and family keep me from doing large blocks of work. I do miss the times when I could just write and have no other concerns. Sigh. Now writing is like an addiction. There are times I almost feel guilty for taking the time to indulge because it takes time from my family.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
Oh, I was a child. The first time I confessed my desire to write was in the fifth grade. I remember the look on my teacher's face. He was concerned then told me that writing was expensive. I could only imagine that he'd self published or something because he told me that you had to pay per copy to get them published. I knew that wasn't right but wouldn't correct my teacher. My mother had told me that correcting your elders was disrespectful so I grinned and nodded.

Here's Jennifer Cloud's bio :
Jennifer Cloud was born in Asheville, North Carolina. There she met her husband who encouraged her to write after finding a partial manuscript. She now resides in Missouri with her husband and two daughters.

She is the author of many novels in both print and electronic versions. She's also had two dozen short stories published and many novellas.

For more information check out her website at or

Her current releases are:
Sweet Jane
Magic Rising: Dragonfly
Coming soon-Her Eyes

As J.L. McCale
Finding Flesh
Liar, Liar
The Other


Celtic Chick said...

Hi Jennifer,
I love the titles of your books. Thanks for sharing your writing process. I like to see how writers deal with interruptions.

Jana Richards said...

Congratulations on all the awards, Jennifer. Well done!

I like to stop while I still have something to say as well, sometimes in the middle of a sentence. If I know it's going to be a few days until I get a chance to work on the manuscript again, I'll write a brief summary of what I think should come next, just so I don't lose the flow.

Thanks for sharing with us.