Saturday, June 23, 2012

Introducting Regina Andrews!!

Hi, and welcome back to the 2012 Best Summer Reading Blog Tour. This week my guest is Regina Andrews.

For more information on Regina, check out her website at . And, after you enjoy spending some time at Regina's blogsite and getting a look at her world of writing, you can qualify to win this weeks free ebook from one of the blog tour authors and in addition you'll be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift certificate to be awarded on July 29th.  To enter, just leave a comment here on my blog with the answer to the following question. What is the name of the main character in Regina's Inspiration Romance novel, In Good Faith?

Now, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this blurb about her exciting new novel In Good Faith.
Haley Hawthorne is a successful Art Director at a high-powered greeting card company in Manhattan. Designer clothes and expensive material luxuries are what she uses to try and fill the emptiness inside -- but it wasn't always that way for her.
Orphaned at a young age, Haley was raised in rural Dunbar Falls by her Uncle Nelson amid pasture lands and a clear sense of the things that matter most in life, including her joyful relationship with God.
One day Aaron Carrier, her old friend from Dunbar Falls pays her a surprise visit to her office at Sterling Greeting Cards with devastating news about Uncle Nelson. When she returns home to Dunbar Falls, Haley is faced with a professional decision upon inheriting Uncle Nelson’s air-conditioning company. More than that, she faces a crossroads in her heart. It is a crisis of faith, of loyalty and of love.
What does God want her to do? Will she be able to return home to Dunbar Falls and all that it has meant for her? And will Aaron Carrier be more than a friend?

You can find Regina and get more information on her list of publications and how to contact her at::

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Tracy said...

The main character in In Good Faith is Haley Hawthorne.

Gail Pallotta said...

In Good Faith sounds like an interesting book with both inner conflict and heart-warming experiences. Congratulations to Regina for all of her writing success.

The main character is Haley Hawthorne.

katsrus said...

The answer is Haley Hawthorne. Regina's blog is so pretty. Sounds like a very good story. One that keep your attention throughout the book. Beautiful book cover.
Sue B

sharon said...



Sharon E said...


The main character In Good Faith is Haley Hawthorne.

Will be looking forward to reading your book.

Gina said...

Thank you Sharon for hosting me - and 'the gang' - this week! I am looking forward to a fun time together!

Gina said...

Hi Gail and thank you so much for stopping in to visit! I hope you find it informative and interesting :-) Sharon's blog is fantastic. Hugs, Regina

GladysMP said...

The main character in the story In Good Faith is Haley Hawthorne. The book sounds very interesting.

marybelle said...

I enjoyed reading the blurb for IN GOOD FAITH thank you.

The main character for IN GOOD FAITH is Haley Hawthorne.


Gina said...

Gail, thank you so much for your encouraging comments :-) You are truly special!

Gina said...

Sue, so great to hear from you. I am delighted you enjoy my blog and the book cover and the story idea, thank you.

Gina said...

Hi Sharon! Nice to meet you and it means a lot that you think "in Good Faith" sounds worthwhile! Blessings, Regina

Susan Roebuck said...

It does sound such a good book...

Christine London said...

Haley and Aaron. Lovely main character names.

Thanks for the visit Regina. Did Haley or Aaron haunt you before you wrote them? Are they reflective of any one or a combination of individuals?

Christine London

Gina said...

Hi Christine, thank you for your comments :-) What an interesting question. Actually, Haley and Aaron came more from my conscious mind than my unconscious; and moreso than any other characters in my books. Aaron is actually based on my husband! And Haley - she is what I thought I was going to turn into at one point in my life. Try and come back, we will be adding more about this to the post soon :-)