Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet Lynn Hones - Three Truths and One Fib

Hi and welcome to Week 7 of our Best Summer Reading Tour! Today my guest is author Lynn Hones. The very talented Lynn is both an author and the creator of beautiful beach jewelry and lovely, scented candles. You can check out her website at www.lynnhones.com for a complete list of all her exciting novels.

Our topic this week is - Tell us three truths about yourself and one lie. Guess which is the lie.
Lynn has been very creative and has turned the topic into a short story. So enjoy! Then, leave a comment here as to which statement in her story is the fib and you just might win a piece of her beach jewelry and be entered to win the $50 Amazon gift certificate to be awarded at the end of the tour.

I’m supposed to tell you three truths about myself and one lie. This should be fun. I guess, since I’m a writer, I’ll put it in story form.

One beautiful, sunny day Lynn Hones was driving down a winding road. On one side of this road was one of the Great Lakes and on the other side was an old brick home built in 1850 by a ship’s captain.
After seeing the house she and her husband, Martin, bought it before having any inspections done because they felt drawn to it and it’s low price. They fixed the house up and lived in it part-time while ripping out old floors and painting the walls. During this time there was no water or electricity, but they didn’t care. It was fun, an adventure. Fast forward one year and they live in the house full-time; have water and electricity and even cable and Internet. Lynn has opened a store in the back two rooms to sell her beach glass jewelry and candles.

Their neighbor is a relation to the original owners and told them of a supposed treasure hidden in the walls of the house during the Civil War. They would have to knock down walls to find it, and aren’t sure if they should.

They’ve found many interesting things out about the house and the people who lived there before. The thing is, the first couple who owned it, gave it to their son, Martin and his wife, Mary to raise their family in. Lynn’s first name is Mary, so she and her husband have the same names as these previous owners. One of Lynn’s books, Haunted Vows, deals with a couple who live in an old house, fix it up when it has no water or electricity, live in it and start a store on the grounds. They are actually re-incarnated from the original owners of the house. This kinda freaked Lynn out, because it mirrors her life so perfectly, but she figures it’s simply life imitating art.

So what’s true? Did they buy their house on a whim? Does Lynn have a store? Is there a hidden treasure? Did Lynn have a book called Haunted Vows that is frighteningly similar to her present life? Hmmm???? I wonder. (Places index finger to lips.)

Thanks, Lynn, what a fun story of intrigue and fun. You can check out all of Lynn's romantically, exciting books at her website www.lynnhones.com .

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Christine London said...

Wow..I want it ALL to be true. What a great story!

Sharon Poppen said...

Christine, I agree. I hope it's all true. But, if I have to guess, I say it was the treasure chest that's the fib. Lovely post, Lynn.

Gina said...

Great post, Lynn! I think it's the treasure chest, too.
Sharon, your blog is lovely. Hugs, Regina

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