Monday, June 02, 2008

An Almost!

Yep, almost a win for one of my short stories in a contest. But, my story did place in the top 13 of over 60 authors and 100 stories that were submitted, so I'm a happy camper. If you care to read it, go to and check out 'Chasing Dreams'.

Gosh it's been so long since I've blogged. I need to get a job so I'll have more free time. Let's see what I've done since my last entry.

Had my last meeting with Dave for his crits of 'Lita' and my final crit of 'Drift' on the 22nd. We're putting our meetings on hold until this fall. Oddly enough, he gave a good review of the final pages of 'Lita'. Killing her off still worries me, but he said it worked well.

Then, that night, it was off to Hastings for our monthly 'readings'. Small crowd as many of our writer's have gone for the winter. But, those of us who stayed, listened to some great stories and then yacked on about 'things' until nearly ten p.m. They are such an intelligent group and I'm so lucky to have made their acquaintance.

On the 24th, I had lunch with writer, Shirley Wolford. Always a high energy experience! She is 93 and blind, but sharp as a tack and always interesting to talk with.

Because I'm leaving for Calif. on the June 11th, we moved our book club up to 5/31. We discussed the books of Clive Cussler. Everyone felt he was definitely plot driven, but most felt the plots were unbelievable and that he took liberties in believability to find solutions. Also, his characters lacked depth. About the only character that everyone seemed to like was his sidekick Giordino. Bottom line, when it came to would you read another Cussler book, the vote was 11 no and 1 yes. I arranged for Shirley Wolford to come meet the club members. When we reviewed her books last month, they gave her a 7 yes and 2 no as to another read. She had a good time and I think the club members enjoyed meeting her.

I recently had some great feedback on my 'After the War, Before the Peace' novel. Had the daughter of a friend call and tell me that she had 20 pages to go and didn't want to finish, because she didn't want it to end. Also, she said she was at her job and reading about the abduction of Danny and Patrick, when she started crying. People asked her why and she said it was because of the great book she was reading. Says she is going to buy several of my books to give out as Christmas gifts. Then, a friend had let her friend read her copy of the book (grrrr, I need them to buy the book :-). Anyway, her friend loved it and wanted to meet the author. She just gushed over the characters and has offered to edit the sequel for me. So, nice week for my novel.

I've been sending off short stores, lots of waiting to hear, but I did get a couple of rejects. Although, one editor said it was just the topic that he didn't want. He liked my writing and would like to something else of mine. That was nice to hear.

As to my personal life, lots of same old-same old. Been to bingo and the casinos a couple of times and my luck is definitely out to lunch! Did see a couple of movies. The latest Indiana Jones is well done. I saw a lot of Han Solo in the character this time. Then saw 'What stays in Vegas'. It was okay. I just don't care for Cameron Diaz. Ashton Kutcher was great, though. At home here, I watched an old Gregory Peck movie 'Gentleman's Agreement'. Good movie with some great acting, except for Dorothy McGuire. Lots of overacting on her part. But Ann Revere was excellent as Peck's mother.

On June 1st, Shirley, Lori and I went to Laughlin. Had a great time. Lori and I went to see the Gary Allen concert. It was high energy and well done. But, he didn't talk much, just sang his songs and he didn't even intro his band members. One guitarist was wearing a kilt and I'd have liked to know more about that. Had a gal in the audience sitting near us that got real pushing and started dancing in the stands and just being obnoxious. We ignored her. I think that drove her crazy because I think she wanted to start a fight. Well, she did on the way out. Lori and I were at the merchandise table when we heard girls screaming like in a cat fight. Next think you know, security had a guy on the ground and they told the girl and her friends that the guy was going to jail. It must have been one of their boyfriends, because the girls kept screaming and wanted people to come say they say what happened and it wasn't their fault. Excitement I could have done without! Don't think I'll go to another Allen concert. I can hear him on his CDs and music videos and they are a lot cheaper than going to a concert just to hear him sing.

Got to close and get busy with my writing. Two days away from the computer has me going through withdrawals!!! Night, night!

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