Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back in California

Welcome to sunny, yep it's actually sunny, Pleasanton, Calif. I'm here tending the grandkids, ages 8 and 11, for the summer.

Let's see, since I last posted on June 2nd, I've been busy. Met with Cindi to discuss submission opportunities and techniques. She has some contemporary books that speak to real issues facing many woman today.

On the 7th was our writer's group. Received very nice feedback on my verbiage on the five senses. One person said that each description boded of a story and I believe she's right.

Had lunch with Shirley Wolford. She now has a collaborator for her next novel. She's 94 and blind! Now if that isn't enough inspiration to keep me going, I don't know what is. I'll miss seeing her, with her frank way of looking at life, this summer.

Had my monthly crit group meeting with Lois and Cindi on Thursday. Always fun, but I'm afraid we don't get much critting done. It's mostly personal items and info on writing overall. JOan wasn't there and we sure missed her. Lois and Cindi are going to meet all summer. I feigned tears of being left out, but they saw through me and agreed to meet anyway. :-) We are a special foursome and I do enjoy their company and feedback so much!!

I am managing to re-edit 'Deborah's Story' and work on it for at least a half-hour every day, but no new stories. Gotta get back to that soon!

Now, on to personal things. Had the car worked on to the tune of almost $400. Yuck, but Charles seems to know what he's doing and I feel confident that he fixed the leak.

Did a couple of nights of bingo, but no wins. Still, had fun visiting with folks that I won't see again until September.

Had lots of dinners out to say 'bye for the summer' and went to a Republican Women's luncheon. They got into a squabble about 'publicly supporting a non-Republican candidate. They wanted to add that provision to their by-laws, but it was voted down. I'm not a member of the group, so I couldn't vote. But, I agree with the premise. Why be a card carrying Republican Woman if you're going to put a sign in your car or yard supporting an Independent or Democrat. If that's your feeling, you don't have to be a member of the Republican woman. I have an issues with two of the candidates running for office this fall. I'll talk to other Republicans about it, but to the public I don't discuss these issues. And, when I actually go in to vote, I can vote for anyone I want.

On June 13, I drove to my sister Janice's place in Palmdale for our annual Sister's Weekend. Janice, her daughter Samantha, Donna, her daughter Kristie, me, my daughter Kim and my granddaughter Hailey were in attendance. We talked, went to a movie, had a barbecue (prepared by Janice's husband John) and played some poker. Then, Sunday a.m. we all went out for a buffet breakfast. A very nice time was had by all!

Oh, gotta brag a bit! My granddaughter Hailey ran an 800 meter race in Tulare, Ca. on Saturday and took a second place, with a silver medal. With the win, she was granted a place in a pre-Olympic trials meet in Detroit, Mi. this July. We are so proud of her!

So, now I'm tending the grand kids who right now are yelling themselves through some video game. I think it's time for a walk and maybe a trip to McDonald's. Wish me luck!

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