Wednesday, July 30, 2008

California Living

Well, as usual, I've let my blogging get a little behind. In all fairness, I have been taking care of my grand kids, ages 10 & 8, for over a month! Now, that is FUN, but it sure saps my energy level.

As for my writing, it is almost non-existent. A short story now and then, but otherwise not much. No new novel started, although I'm thinking about one now involving my characters Mike and Lita's sons. Maybe I'll get a few lines down in the next few days.

Got a few acceptances in the past month. Bewildering Stories will publish 'A Weirdo in the Dungeon' in October, A Long Story Short will publish 'Always the Good Kid' in September and I entered 'Blond Hair' in the 'Clarity of the Night Contest'. Didn't win anything, but the story turned out pretty well and I received some great feedback. The prompt was a picture with a view from a motorcycle roaring thru the night on a two lane, tree lined highway.

Then for DeskDrawer, I wrote 'Flubadingding', 'Connections' and 'Internet Influences' to meet the weekly prompts. Got some interesting feedback. They are a great group and I can always count on good catches/pointers for improving the stories.

Then, for FlashXer, I wrote 'My New Best Friend' and 'Hearing Voices'. Again, the writers on FlashXer are always helpful in giving me tips for editing that make the stories better.

I didn't pen any new stories for Flashers-Dozen. Some of my archived stories met the intent of the prompt and, again, these writer's gave me some great upgrades.

But, I do miss 'creating'. I get ideas all day, but then when night comes, I'm too tired to sit down and create. I'm alone for most of today, so thought I'd take the time to update my blog.

I'm been doing a lot of reading and movie watching. Read Tami Hoag's 'The Alibi Man'. Awful! Now reading her 'Dust to Dust'. Better, but still very, very, wordy.

I also read Randy Pausch's 'The Last Lecture'. It was a wonderful read! He really must have been a wonderful man. I only hope I can go out with the grace and dignity that he managed clear up thru his passing. My favorite story of his was about the reason for brick walls. He is so right. How bad do you want it!? Also, loved the challenge as to whether one is a Tigger or an Eeyore. It's not fair that a man of his energy and goodwill should be taken so young. My heart goes out to his wife and children.

Saw 'Pericles, the Prince of Tyre' at the Shakespeare in the Park performance here in Pleasanton. I think it was one of their best productions. It was a little naughty for a 'family' performance, but it was wonderful. I was surprised that this year, my 8 year old grandson stayed for the entire performance and enjoyed it. He usually just plays in the park, then his dad takes him home when the performance begins. The production moved the story from Tyre to the U.S. old west, but they kept to the old English verbiage. It was a wonderful family experience.

As to movies. Saw 'Bella' - Wonderful! Saw 'Into the Wild - Bittersweet, very sad ending. 'Fool's Gold' - Stupid waste of time. 'Panic Room' - Another gem from Jodie. 'Kung-Fu Panda'- just dreadful! 'Batman' - Severely overrated and way too dark. 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' - cute, saved by Brendan Frasier. 'Everybody's Hero' - Delightful.

Saw some stage shows. Terri Clark - Beautiful girl, wonderful show. Steve Holy - Lots of fun, good show. My daughter took me to see Toby Keith. His show consisted of a group called The Trailer Choir who will probably make it big someday, a trio of girls that were awful, Montgomery Gentry who were wild and put on a great show and finally Toby who was high energy, a little foul mouthed, but a great show.

Had a great birthday/4th of July party for my brother. We're very different and our kids are very different as to politics, careers, education and leisure activities, but we are family and it always feels good when we get together.

Got my hair cut. It is waaaayyyyy too short, but the good thing is it will grow out!

My daughter and granddaughter Hailey arrive home from Michigan tonight. They have been attending the Jr. Olympics. Hailey didn't do as well as she wanted in her 800 meter race, but due to the time difference, she was running the race before she normally even gets out of bed. Also, the weather was heavy with humidity. But, the important thing is that she ran with the 'Big Dogs'. She's our intrepid little adventurer and we are so proud of her.

I've been getting a lot of emails and phone calls from back home. That's nice, but it sure makes me homesick. My street is still all torn up for the sewer work and they tell me that the construction crews used my front yard to set up their headquarters. Oh well, I'm not there so I could care less. I just hope it's all done by the time I get home!

Time to go watch Nick at his soccer practice. We've had a nice four days to ourselves. He has come into my room every night. Guess he misses his folks. But, it has been interesting trying to sleep on a single bed with a grandson sprawled out next to me and the dog laying on my feet. I have about a foot of space on the edge of the bed left to me. Thank goodness for Alleve! Still, it brings back some wonderful memories of when I used to snuggle up to my grandma. I hope in years to come that this time we've spent together will bring some warmth and love to Nick.

With that I'll close.

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