Friday, June 26, 2009

Hannah In Hand!!!!

Yahoo! I received my FIRST print copy of 'Hannah' today!!!! It looks great. But, wouldn't you know, I've already spotted some typos we missed. Jeez, so many of us looked at it and still the little devils get through. Still, it was so exciting to see my words in print. Folks are being great about posting reviews! I wish more would, but those that did make me blush.

Getting some nice comments on my latest post to my FlashXer writer's group. Not with with the one I posted to Flasher's Dozen. But both sites gave me good reasons as to why my story worked or why it didn't. It all helps me toward being a better writer.

I've been doing a lot of blog radio interviews over the last few months. Some better than others depending on the interviewer. One interview was with a Newoka LaShelle of Dream Play Productions, LLC out of Atlanta, GA. After our first interview, she invited me back to discuss the writing of a novel process. They were great interviews in that she let me talk about the FUN of writing. Check out my website if you'd like to listen to some of the interviews, or search for Sharon Poppen at .

I just finished reading 'Apple' by JOan Hobernicht. One of the most fast paced novels I've ever read. It is definitely a page turn. Do yourself a favor and check it out at, then buy it. You won't be sorry. Before 'Apple', I read 'Private Eyes' by Jonathon Kellerman. My only comment is to do yourself another favor. Avoid this boring read at all costs! Right now I'm reading 'Ida' by Carol Crawford McManus. I'm only into the first few pages, but it seems to be a fiction-based-on-fact telling of the story of one of McManus' ancestors. It was recommended to me by my dear friend Ann. She has recommended several books to me and they've all been excellent reads, so I'm looking forward to this one. Oh, and I just finished reading an on-line only collection of short stores, 'Revealing Moments' by Wayne Scheer at . Here's the review I wrote for the piece. 'A wonderfully bittersweet read that can be appreciated by all ages - children relating to parents, aging spouses and survivors. The detail this author displays in his ability to show versus tell a story brings the reader right into the scene. He'll make you laugh, giggle and cry along with his rich, vivid characters. Do yourself a favor. Get a glass of wine and a box of tissues and settle in for a trip through family and self experiences.'

I'll leave you tonight with this, "My first book was rejected nine times. It turned out to be a best seller in 1953, Battle Cry" Leon Uris

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