Sunday, July 05, 2009

Penning Phone Conversations

July 5, 2009

Busy time for me up here in Pleasanton, Ca. Great fun being with the kids, grandkids and even finding time to write a little bit each day.

Still working on Stephen's boys. Had a fun time writing a one sided phone call. Don't think I've ever done that before. I sent that episode out to one of my on-line writing groups and have gotten two feedbacks, so far. One had a problem with one portion of the conversation and, as a matter of fact, I had trouble with the same phrasing. So needs a change, I reckon. The plot is taking a twist I wasn't expecting and may result in a title change. I've moved the Farrell family from horseback to airplane and I'm already missing the wild west.

I'm still trying to get a supply of my book 'Hannah'. I'd like to get a book signing while I'm up here in Pleasanton. I brought some extra copies of 'After the War, Before the Peace', as I think I could sell a few and maybe attract some readers.

My calendar shows that I have a blog radio interview at 6 a.m. tomorrow, but I haven't heard from anyone, so I guess it fell through. I do enjoy the interviews, don't know if they sell books or not, but it can't hurt. Marketing is a tough thing for me to arrange.

Awe-Struck Publishing has a forum for it's authors and they had a discussion recently about how things have improved with their merge with Mundania Press. Since I'm new to both, I don't have an opinion. But, I do like what Mundania's publisher Dan Reitz had to say about what they are now doing and what is planned. Sounds great. I'm so looking forward to having my book 'Finding More Than Gold' published by them.

Went to the fair last Wednesday to see Charlie Daniels who put on a great show. I don't believe I've ever been to a concert where the star led the audience in the U. S. Pledge of Allegiance. It was an awesome moment. I was surprised to see some folks refused to stand and place their hands over their hear. There were only a few, but they stood out like sore thumbs.

Went to see the movie 'Public Enemies'. I enjoyed it, my son sort of liked it, but my daughter-in-law didn't like it. I think the director tried to do too much. Too many characters and it was assumed that the folks in the audience would know all about J. Edgar Hoover, the Mafia's move to electronic gambling, how certain bank robbers were considered heroes during the depression and the growth of power of the FBI. I thought the acting was good and believable, also the cars and dress of the era were fun to view. I was disappointed in the flat performance of Christian Bale.

Spent the 4th of July evening at my step-children's place. Good food, good company and good fire works. Although it did get cold sitting out in the back yard, but we had a beautiful full moon to gaze upon!

I will leave you with this thought, "The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane." - Mark Twain (As are agents/publishers who reject our efforts) - Me

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