Friday, October 09, 2009

Some Possibilities and a Loss

Oct. 9, 2009

Just sent off an inquiry to a publisher I met at the SSA conference in Tucson last month. Earlier in the week, I sent inquiries to two agents I also met at the conference. Now it's sit and wait. I still haven't heard from another publisher regarding a proposal I sent to them in July. One of their editors who has a very vocal Facebook presence has been talking about the many rejections her company has been sending out and I haven't heard back. So, is no news good news? One can only hope!

Still working on 'Stephen's Boys'. Had the plot take a wild turn and I'm not sure how to connect it with the ending. A friend suggested I write the end, then blend it backwards to match the wild turn. She made me remember that I did that with one of my first novels and it worked beautifully, so I'll give it a try.

Went to the SSA Wrangling With Writing Conference in Tucson last month. Two fellow writers, Dave and Penny, attended it with me. There were a couple of good workshops and I did get to sell some books. The SSA members worked hard at bringing off an effective, worthwhile conference, but having attended some great ones in the past, this one was mild. I didn't come away with the wild enthusiasm or renewed motivation that I've experienced in the past. One of the main workshop moderators at past conferences was missing and his presence was sorely felt. I did have three requests for samples of my work from agents/publisher and have already sent them off. Now it's a matter of waiting.

I ran into some friends at the post office yesterday. One of them, Jim, was on the committee that organized the first book that found my writing worthy of publication. I told him about my published novels and the one due in Jan. He smiled and said he knew I'd make good. He said of all the submissions for that first anthology, he told the other members of the selection committee that no matter who else they chose, my was definitely going to be in the book. Made my day. Made me smile. One gets so many rejections that those little moments/comments can really warm the heart.

I'm on the schedule for the 2010 Lake Havasu Spring Frenzy week. They have me slated for classes in Short Story Writing and Journaling. It's always fun. And this year, they are giving me an hour and a half for each class. Yahoo!

Heard some sad news this week. I belong to an on-line writer's group called FlashXer. It has been moderated for many years by an author named Irv Pliskin. He has been in ill health for some time and he passed away Oct. 6. He had served on a bomber plane in WWII and was a POW in Germany for awhile. He wrote many stories about his time in the war and in the prison camp. Years ago, when I needed to know about the flash fiction genre, for a class I'd been asked to conduct at the local community college, Irv welcomed me to the FlashXer group and under his tutelage of prompts and critiques, he helped me refine my writing techniques. I owe 'Hannah' and its opening 'with a cloud of dust in the distance' to one of his prompts. I will surely miss him.

Tomorrow is my book club and the author of the month is Luanne Rice. I'm reading her 'Dream Country'. I'm on page 130 and she has yet to engage me in the story nor do I like/relate to any of her characters. I'm looking forward to hearing what the folks in the club have to say about this author.

I was given the opportunity to list my books in a Christmas catalog that is to be mailed out to a million plus readers. I included 'After the War, Before the Peace' and 'Hannah'. I also included 'Finding More Than Gold' that is due out in January. Cost was $69. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Got to sign off now and go back to reading the book. I'll leave you with this author quote. I think it is excellent advice for all of us writers who are prone to edit, then edit, then edit and yet edit our work again and again.

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could." -
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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sandra seamans said...

So sorry to hear about Irv. He was a wonderful moderator and I have so many story that were spawned from his prompt. He was a dear man and will be missed.