Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Research and Assuming

Oct. 28, 2009

Been a busy couple of days. Sunday was a total day of relaxation. Got up late, read the paper and moved 'Stephen's Boys' forward (still soooooo much research about WWII in the Pacific). Around noon I went with a friend to visit a mutual friend who had just gotten out of an assisted living facility after having some surgery. She's doing fine, but she insisted on showing us her scar with its 'buttons'. Not a pretty picture. Then it was off to the movies.

Saw 'Law Abiding Citizen' staring Gerard Butler, my new favorite actor. The premise was good and you wanted to see him get his justice, but the character he played went overboard with violence and actually became what he was fighting. Way too violent for me.

Then went to the casino, not profitable, and finished off the day with some friends at a karaoke bar. All in all, a relaxing day.

Monday was my bi-weekly crit session with Dave. His fiction based on fact short stories about the San Bernardino area were well written this time. He developed some quirky characters that seem to be unique to the area. He needs to gather them together for an anthology of the area. He had some trouble with the male reactions in the segment of 'Stephen's Boys' he reviewed. His biggest problem was with the mother, on her deathbed, trying to make her adopted son come to terms with the fact that his birth father gave him to his adopted parents because he loved the boy and wanted him to have familial love and security, not because he didn't love him. Dave couldn't see a mother doing this. Of course, I disagree, but I'll have others review it, just in case he's right.

On Tuesday, I started the day by moving 'Stephen's Boys' forward (more research than writing). The coordinator for the WNEA book signing I have set for 11/5 called and asked if I would donate a copy of 'After the War, Before the Peace' to their silent auction. I was flattered and of course gave them one and also a copy of 'Hannah'. I told her to make it a package deal. Now, I can only hope they sell!

Talked with Denise Casino who is working on publicity for me. She gave me some great hints about placement at Amazon and about getting involved in more on-line groups. Hope it works.

I got an email from the publisher I met at the SSA conference in Tucson that had asked for a copy of 'Regardless'. She remembered our conversation at the luncheon and felt that my story was unique. She wanted me to know that she received the book and has forwarded it onto the submission team for review. My concern is that if it goes to print, will my followers who love my westerns be receptive to a gay sci-fi novel. A couple of friends feels that there is a call for that sort of material here in town and that I might be able to snag some new readers. Wouldn't that be nice. Guess one shouldn't assume things, but be receptive and daring enough to push the envelope.

Didn't get to work on 'Stephen's Boys' today and right now my brain isn't in 'creative' mode. Guess Josh will have to tread water for another couple of days.

So, I'll leave you with this quote about assuming things. "Because your own strength is unequal to the task, do not assume that it is beyond the powers of man; but if anything is within the powers and province of man, believe that it is within your own compass also." Marcus Aurelius

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