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Regina Andrews - Holly Jolly Blog Tour - Week 3!

Welcome to week three of our Holly Jolly Blog Tour. My guest today is Regina Andrews. So, let's turn this right over to Regina and let her tell you a little about herself and then she's going to share her thougts on Christmas gving and Christmas literature.

Hi Sharon! Thanks for having me on your blog.

Thanks for stopping by Sharon’s blog to spend a bit of time getting to know me!  I am Regina Andrews, Inspirational Author - but that sounds kind of stuffy, don't you think?

Let's try this -- everyone calls me Gina and I love happy endings, I love writing, I love romance and I love God, so naturally I write romance novels with an inspirational point of view. After all, what's life without a good dose of faith to carry us through those times when things are not exactly going the way we'd like them to be? I know I need it, most definitely.

During the day I am lucky enough to have a full-time writing job at a national jewelry company, specializing in high-end designer and Estate pieces - I'm the one writing what you read about all these one-of-a-kind treasures!

In my off time, I volunteer for the blind, work at the local children's hospital and sing my heart out in the church choir. My hubby and I are proud 'parents' of a semi-feral cat named Queenie who really is in charge of the whole house. She loves Christmas -- especially tinsel! -- and so do I, so let's get to the questions and kick off Week 3 of this fun and fabulous "Holly Jolly" blog tour!

Which charity is most deserving of your holiday generosity and why?
Absolutely, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. For so many reasons, but most of all what really touches me is that no child is ever turned away. Each and every child is a precious treasure, and St. Jude’s not only recognizes this, they actively fight each day for every child. It’s a war against illness, despair and pain and these valiant angels are on the battle lines every day. I’m not one for ‘war talk’, but in this case – it really is a matter of life and death for the children and their families.

What is your favorite holiday tradition in literature?
If I could count the Bible as Literature, then absolutely I would say my favorite tradition would be the theme of the quest for a home and, in a larger sense, the theme of the journey. By this I mean directly the way Mary and Joseph had nowhere to go and had to keep trudging along to find a place to stay. All they wanted to do was park it someplace for the night, to find a spot to rest. But they had to keep plowing along until there was a room - in a barn. They were very grounded, very rooted in reality and needed to stay put so Mary could have the Child. Similarly, but, actually almost the mirror image thematically, the Three Wise Men followed a star and traveled very far to find the Baby Jesus. They started out, traveling day and night. Following a star? How esoteric! Think about all this action - there was a lot of activity in that desert, lots of traffic! People roaming around to find a place to stay, others going out and embarking on a journey, and looking to find the real King. All this movement, and restlessness and unsettledness builds up the anticipation, of course, and the expectation. I think the common theme with so many different motives and unique backstories is why I love this tradition of the journey. Even today, we each take an individual spiritual journey every Advent.

Now if I can’t reference the Bible as Literature, I’d have to go with gift-giving as in O. Henry’s “Gift of the Maji”. Oh, that still gives me shivers!

‘Nuff said, I’ve probably gone on too long J But the irony – oh!

Thank you so much for hosting me, Sharon!! You can find out more about me and my list of published books at: and
Here's the cover of just one of Regina's books:

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Wyn said...

Great interview. :)

Wyndy Callahan

Gail Pallotta said...

I love the new cover of Light of the Heart. Congratulations to one of my favorite writers.

Gina said...

Hi Sharon and thank you so much for hosting me this week, your blog always looks so nice :-) We're going to have a great week!

Gina said...

Hi Wyn,
Thanks so much for visiting! If you have a chance to read "Light of the Heart" I'd love to gear back about what you think. Have a good day, Gina

Gina said...

Dear Gail, I am so glad you like the new cover. You're so kind and supportive, such a great friend and good writer, thank you for your comments. Hugs, Gina

Debby said...

Great interview! I love The Gift of the Magi. I read it to my students sometimes.
debby236 at gmail dot com

GladysMP said...

What a wonderful interview for the season of Christmas. That biblical story does,indeed, have a lot of activity and makes for inspiring reading. The Bible is truly great literature.

Sharon Poppen said...

Gina, Always a pleasure to have you visit my site. Your viewers are so astute as to your thoughts on the season and on your writing. Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon Poppen said...

Gina, I accidently deleted a comment from Renald, so I'm reposting it here:
Nice interview. At Xmas we like the manger scene.

Gina said...

Hi Debby! How wonderful that you love "TGoftheM" too - and it's so refreshing that you read it to your students. They are lucky to have you as their teacher :-) Merry Christmas and big hugs, Regina

Gina said...

HI Gladys and thank you for stopping in and commenting! I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview. I agree that the Bible is great literature! It's got everything in it :-) Have a Merry Christmas! Hugs, Regina

Gina said...

Hi Sharon, it's always a blast to visit with you on your blog. You have such interesting readers! Always nice to meet new friends and hear from treasured ones again, too. Have a great day today and I'll be back soon :-)

Gina said...

Hi Renald and thanks for commenting and visiting. Nice to meet you! There's something so beautiful about the manger, isn't there? Merry Christmas
Sharon, hi again, thank you for reposting :-)

Christine London said...

What a wonderful choice in favorite charities. Especially poignant after the events of the past week. God Bless the little children.

A very Merry Christmas to you all

Ben Smith said...

Regina-great interview!!!Many thanks for the comments etc.Very much enjoyed the Christmas story and bible readings also.Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!Regards, Ben SMITH

Ben Smith said...

Regina-wonderful posting.Nice interview Merry Christmas!!!!!Regards Ben Smith

Ben Smith said...


Gina said...

Hi Christine, and thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comment. You're the best :-) Hugs,

Gina said...

Ben Smith, hello and thank you for two nice comments! I appreciate your loyalty. Have you read "Light of the Heart"? I'd love to hear what you thought of my book. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! [Once for each comment ;-) ] Best, Regina

Gina said...

Hi Sharon and All,
Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.
I just received an email from New York & Company -
they are donating $1 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for every "LIKE" on Facebook! Can you believe it? I hope they do well! :-)

joye said...

Enjoyed reading the comments. I like these blog hops so I get information on new authors to me.


Michelle F. said...

I love cats too and have some. They were all strays. One of them, Blackie, is semi-feral too. She's gotten tamer over the years but still has big eyes and looks scared when we go to touch her. We can pet her a little and she likes me to massage her ears. She has a good life for a feral cat with a house, food, and people who care for her.

How a wild cat got into the house: My dad let her in because he said she looked cold. I eventually got her out of the house (maybe days later?), but he let her back in so we were stuck with her.

We did manage to get her fixed, which was a good thing since she had kittens twice - one the first time and five the next time. They all ended up dying at different times so she must've passed a disease on to them, although she's healthy.


Sharon Poppen said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog this week. I hope you enjoyed meeting Gina! Have a very Merry Christmas and my wish for you is that you find just what you wanted under your tree on Christmas morning. Sharon