Saturday, December 01, 2012

'Tis The Season to win a Prize!

So glad you dropped by! And, your timing is great. For the next six weeks I'll be hosting six terrific authors as they share some holiday season tidbits that make this time of year so very special. They'll also be listing some of their novels - novels that cover a wide variety of genres. And, because you take the time to read their post, they invite you to leave a comment which will put you in the running to win a $50 Amazon gift card! So stop by every Sunday from now through Jan 6th. You're in for a good time!

The first guest I'll be hosting is Regan Taylor who writes primarily in the historical romance genre.

Regan Taylor
What is your favorite holiday novel - and why? Movie?
I'm not much for reading holiday books, however, last year I read Sheila Roberts Nine Lives of Christmas and it was wonderful. I plan to read it again this year the closer we get to Yule, because it's just a good story. It would make a fantastic holiday movie.

My favorite movie? Miracle on 34th Street - the original with Natalie Wood. I watch it every year whenever it's on and borrow it from the library as well.

Let us know your favorite holiday tradition that you cherish in your home. And, what holiday tradition do you find fascinating, even though you might not do it at your house? (That might be another culture.)

I don't really celebrate a holiday per se. Before I adopted Missy and Bogie, I did put up a tree - however with how Missy climbs and views pretty much everything as her toy, it's not a good option. Bogie might be content to sit under the tree - but knowing how he imitates everything Missy does .... I can just imagine what they'd do. What I do enjoy is spending the day with some friends of mine. We have a lot of laughs and good conversation.

Regan's Published Novels

So - Thanks for stopping by before you all run out to rent your copy of Miracle on 34th Street! Oh - And don't forget to leave Regan a comment and put yourself in the running for that $50 Amazon gift card.

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Christine London said...

Aren't those old classics like Miracle on 34th Street just the best?

Agreed--spending time with friends and family is the core of the holiday spirit!

EV Medina said...

What a collection of books she has so far. Nice to meet you, Regan! I also enjoy writing Historical Romances with fantasy. I will go check out your blog next. Merry Christmas Sharon and Regan and the other authors on this tour!

Sharon Poppen said...

Veronica, Thanks for stopping by. I knew you'd enjoy Regan's books.

Sharon Poppen said...

Family, friends and fellow authors, that's what it's all about! Christine, thanks for stopping by.

joye said...

Enjoyed reading the comments.
My favorite tradition is to have friends over for posole on Christmas Eve. Living in the Southwest, that seems to be a popular thing to eat at this time of year. I like the Christmas tamales that the Mexican culture serves. The one who finds the olive in their tamale will have good fortune in the coming year.

Sharon Poppen said...

Joye, Yes! I love posole. I try to have it every New Years Day! Thanks for stopping by with this pleasant reminder.

Beth said...

I've got to go get Miracle on 34th Street.
What a classic. Nice interview too.