Monday, April 14, 2008

MCC Book Fair and Stuff

Well, the writer's fair has come and gone. It was a big success due to the hard work of Pat Agnew and Cindie Miller. The college wouldn't let us sell any books, but did meet some interesting folks and I hope I gave them the info they were looking for in their attempt to step into this weird world of writing. They had some drawings and who should win my book but a minister. When he came over for the autograph I strongly encouraged him to trade it in for another book. I told him it was probably too naughty for a minister, but he said that his job was to bring sinners around to God so perhaps he should read about them. I hope it works for him.

I had to give a brief speech about myself and about my writing at the fair. After I was done, I realized I hadn't even mentioned my books. I just told them why I write and how I write. I felt quite foolish afterward, but one good thing did come out of it. A woman named Anne came up to me and said she used to write, but was having trouble finding the muse or the time. We talked for awhile and I encouraged her to join my Flasher's Dozen writer's group and she did! I'm glad my discoordinated talk did some good afterall.

Went to Denny's afterward with a half-dozen fellow writers. Always a good time with that bunch!

Oh, the London Bridge Republican Women have decided to make me the featured member of the month. They took my picture and I had to send them a bio. I was so honored. I can think of a dozen or more women who deserve it much more.

We had our book club meeting regarding the books of Isabel Allende on Saturday. I think she puts brilliant sentences together, but she is definitely a character driven writer. She should stick to writing short story collections because most of the good feedback came from those who read her collections. Her novels get off the track with too much detail on irrelevant characters. As to reading her again, the vote was even - 5 yes and 5 no.

Had our writer's meeting on the 5th. Not too much feedback, but the after meeting at Denny's was full of writer's talk and fun.

Had my meeting with Dave. He has written 'the end' for his novel 'Drift'. I've still a few items to cover before I can to that to 'Lita'. He liked the latest episode, well sort of. It's still a struggle for him. I'm managing to work on it every day. I'm close to the end. I just hate for the Farrells to go out of my life again and I really hate killing Lita off.

Went to the throat doctor, still have to take the acid reflux meds for another 8 weeks. He isn't worried about cancer, so that's a good thing.

Went to Joe Ziegler's funeral. Very sad. Don't know if I could bury a son. My heart goes out to her. I had to give a prayer, yeah me of all people! And, give a personal anecdote which was a lot easier. I hope he's at peace.

Sunday was Rob's birthday. I called his home, condo and cell, but it turns out he was out having FUN! Motorcycling thru the wine country! He called me today and we talked for a long time. I wish his marriage was happier, but he seems to have come to grips with it and is handling it. I reminded him that he has always had a circle of supportive family and friends. He said he knows it.

Sunday Sharon, Shirley and I boated over to the casino for a goodbye dinner and some gambling fun. Shirley leaves for home on Wednesday and won't be back until next fall. She's a kick. I'll miss her.

Hummm, I think I hear Lita calling so maybe I'll write a couple of paragraphs yet tonight. Then tomorrow it's the Pioneer meeting, then off to Laughlin for a movie, dinner and the Collin Raye show with Ellen. Yahoo.


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