Friday, April 11, 2008

Writer's Fair at MCC

Today is the Writer's Fair. Not sure how much/little of my writing/workshop material to bring, so just took some highlights. Should be fun. Pat and Cindie have worked hard and there has even been some publicity in the local paper on it. Yahoo! Should be fun.

Had my Denny's meeting last night with Cindie, JOan and Lois. Always fun. Always informative. Cindie asked if we had a name for the group. Nope, just Denny's, so she came up with the Meeting of the Four Goddesses. Yep, like that!

Haven't been doing any submissions lately. Gotta do that!

Lost my Isabel Allende book. I think it was subconscious that I wanted to lose it. A good writer as to description, but terrible plot movement. I was bored to death.

Moving 'Lita' along nicely. Had to do some research on hysterectomies and surgical thread in the 1880s and found out that catgut is actually made form sheep intestines. My, my what you do learn by writing about it, even fiction!

Off to the Fair now!

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