Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dogs - Cats - Expectations

Went to the Writer's Forum at our junior college Monday night with several other authors. The speaker was going to talk about how to write about animals. Well, the woman will certainly be sainted when she reaches the pearly gates. Her presentation turned into an 'I' session of all the wonderful things she does with animals - rescues them from the dog pound, takes them to schools, hospitals and senior centers. But, there wasn't much said or offered about writing, except how lucky she'd been to get the job writing a weekly column for our local newspaper. Like I said, she was nice, but it was the general consensus that it was a waste of the writer's time.

Well, I watched 'Old Yeller'. What a good movie. Sad, but good. How refreshing it was with no added animation. Just good characters, good acting (even by the dogs) and beautiful scenery. Not to mention, a good story.

Moved 'Lita' along today. Got a problem solved, so now need to create a new one as I move the Farrells along to Wyoming.

Wrote a short story to one of FlashXer prompts today on wire taping. I thought it came together pretty good, but I may be wrong. Have only had one crit so far and this person thought I was going for a possessed telephone rather than a szcho college student off his meds, that results in a killing. Hummmm, not too much fiction in that premise these days. The critter said it was full of superfluous info and needed shortening and he felt the ending was flat. I think I'll wait until I get a few more crits.

Tomorrow will be a full writing day. First I must work with Lita and get the new pages ready to give to Dave. Then, I have to finish my crits on Dave's 'Drift' and let him know how I think it's going. Then, finish my crits for my Thurs. night Denny's meeting, plus get a new sub ready for them. Oh, 'twill be a LOVELY day.

Some unwriting news - got a call from my sister Donna. She has tickets to see Wayne Newton this Saturday and she has a room for me at the casino. All free of charge. Yahoo!!! I've seen Newton before and he puts on a good show.

It's after eleven and my taped episodes of Law & Order await, so adios!

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