Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Faceless Friends

An old friend had disappeared from my writing groups. He always had interesting submissions that made you think and his crits were thought provoking and definitely helped me to learn more and more about this writing thing. I sent him an email a month or so ago and yesterday, I heard from him. He had some family issues, but thinks he'll get back into the group. I'm so glad. I missed him.

Now how do you miss someone you've never met? It is an interesting comment on life these days of computerese. My friend lives in Canada. I have another dear friend who lives in India. They could be sitting in the next booth down at my local Denny's Restaurant and I wouldn't even recognize them, yet I consider them good friends. There isn't a day goes by that I don't thank the universe that I was born in this day and age, in this country and live where I live. I am indeed one lucky person.

As to my writing, moved Lita along. I'm having some trouble about accomplishing a reader friendly ending. My purpose in writing the story is to show how Lita died before my sequel, Deborah's Story, (it is already written)begins. Folks who've read the sequel are disturbed to have lost Lita and want to know what happened to her. But will readers want to read a book that ends with someone dying? I'll have to think about it. The Farrells have always been good to me, so perhaps they'll give me a good way to make it work.

Went to a Republican Women's meeting last night. The speaker was an investigator who worked at bringing down Warren Jeffs, a prophet in the Fundamentalist Later Day Saints religious sect in Colorado City, AZ. It is horrible that men take on thirteen year old girls as second, third and fourth wives. But, I was struck that it was a bit like religious persecution to stop the polygamy. Anyone who reads the bible knows that it has been acceptable for eons. I think that the state should require that the women must be at least eighteen and that they go through a counseling program, alone, so they can speak their minds without the future husband knowing. Then, if they still want to do it. Let it be legal so their children don't qualify for welfare. It's not for me and I think it's wrong, but I don't think I have the right to tell those folks how to worship their God and abide by His laws as stated in their beliefs.

It's late, so will close. Lots to think about tonight. Slan leat!

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