Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Wonderful Week in Havasu!

Been quite a week. Sunday was a laid back day, then a very hectic week started. Had breakfast at Denny's with a half dozen writers as we said farewell to Do. She headed back to Spain on Tuesday. I enjoy her visits very much. Her writing has depth and occasionally she can be quite funny.

On Thursday, I met with Dave again. I feel bad. He is really struggling with my chick lit. I hope it's just him and that 'Lita' isn't really as boring as it seems to him. I struggle with the direction of his 'Drift', but then again maybe it is good for both of us. I'm already starting to worry about how I'm going to handle Lita's death. Hopefully, she'll help me.

Then it was off to Hastings. A small, but good crowd. I think some of the best writing among the writers group was shared aloud. Each story held our rapt attention. Attending were Vivien (it was her birthday), Gina, Jilma, Rob, Ann, Margaret, Cindi, Lois, Dave and me. After the readings, we sat around and gabbed until ten p.m. Of course, since I was in a books/music store, I had to buys some CDs. Got some good buys of 'Best of ...' songs of CCR, Terry Clark, Sammy Kershaw and the Oak Ridge Boys. All have been listened to and all were good!

And through it all, I moved 'Lita' forward. The wagon train is again on its way to Jackson Hole after a winter stay in Grand Junction and the addition of a new baby. I do enjoy the Farrells.

On the non-writing aspect of my week, got my taxes done. Have to pay! Had my A/C and coolers opened up for the summer and my furnace checked out after its busy, cold winter.

Tues., Nancy and I headed over to Laughlin to see country singer Mark Chestnut. Made a day of it and stopped at Target, Kohl's, the Panda Express and several factory stores. Then we say the movie 'No Country for Old Men.' Wow! I don't normally like allegories, but this is one that gives the reader the chills and I'll be thinking about its ending for a long time. We had dinner with Ellen at Serrano's Mexican Restaurant. I have never seen the restaurant or the casino so busy. People everywhere. Folks say is the snowbirds last hurrah before they head home. for the summer. The show was great. Nancy was front row (I mean elbow on the stage) center. It was their first night, so they did a lot of impromptu stuff which made for a lot of fun.

Had my hair cut on Wednesday. Always great to talk with Liz. Her son is home from the army. It's a relief to her. He wasn't in Iraq, but did do prison guard duty in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Had our Pioneer Bunco yesterday. Turned out a lot better than I'd thought what with the streets all tore up for the sewers. Al and I switched playing so we could be roll a set. Betty did all the calling. She was great. Then it was out to dinner at El Mariachis with the the H's, the Z's and the B's. Lots of fun and laughter. I needed some stressless, fun time, so I took the boat across to the casino. Came home four hundred dollars richer! Yahoo. I do love keno.

Planning on another 'free' day tomorrow! We'll see how that goes! Until then, Slán go fóill! (Did you know that's Gaelic for 'goodbye for now'?)

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