Thursday, March 06, 2008

Write-Edit-Submit - A Really Good Day

Great feedback on my two stories. In fact, I received suggestions on where to submit them and have already done so. Now, I just sit back and hope. One is even a paying market. Yahoo!

Moved 'Lita' along today. Still have no idea where the story is going, but I guess as long as I put one word after another, I can weave a story somewhere in the jumble.

I finally sent my books back to Xlibris today. They are a disgrace. I hope they refund me or send me some new books. these were printed so badly that I feel bad about charging folks for them.

Had a great day. No commitments. Stayed home all day and wrote, edited and submitted. A perfect day. Oh, and even got to watch an old Law & Order show. Always good!

Also, watched 'Celebrity Apprentice'. Trace Adkins is still on. They got rid of that horrible lady Amarosa, now if they would just get rid of that Piers fellow. Tonight he came in and kissed Trace on the cheek. I thought Trace was going to smack him. I'm shocked that the country boy is still on the show. I think he's handsome, smart and very talented, but I figured they'd do the 'country boy' in very quickly. They are down to five celebs now and Trace is one of them. Go. Go. Go, Trace.

Need some beauty sleep. More tomorrow!

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