Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blog Alerts and Writing Thoughts

What an exciting couple of weeks. My website is up and running and the feedback has been good. What at great job Denise Cassino did. Check her out at .

I found out about setting up Google and Yahoo alerts the other day and have already gotten one. So informative!

Sharon Poppen and Other Authors on Tour This Week!
By Working Writers Coach
All this week the National Writing for Children Center is hosting author Sharon Poppen on a virtual tour for her new book After the War, Before the Peace. Find out more about Sharon and her book at the National Writing for Children ...
Working Writer's Coach - Writing... -

The Lady Rerun Show ( Interview with Author Sharon Poppen) - Nov ...
Lady Rerun will be interviewing Author Sharon Poppen who has a down to earth writing style that shows you the world as it is. Lady Rerun will be asking about her books, "Hannah" and After the War, Before the Peace", her lifestyle, ...
Lady Rerun BlogTalkRadio Feed -

Meet the Author - Sharon Poppen
By Writing for Children
The National Writing for Children Center is proud to host author Sharon Poppen on this virtual tour for her new book, After the War, Before the Peace. For the next several days we’ll be presenting short posts to help you get to Poppen ...
The National Writing for Children Center -

Here’s What’s Going on This Weekend!
By Suzanne
First, all this week, the site is hosting author Sharon Poppen on a virtual tour for her new book, After the War, Before the Peace. Check back every day during the next week for a review of Sharon’s book, an interview with Sharon, ...
Suzanne Lieurance -

The elections are over, thank goodness. My gal didn't win, but as Americans we all need to pull together and try to make the next four years a period of economic and global peace. While I did not agree with President Bush on some of his economic and illegal immigrations policies, I did appreciate the peace of mind he gave me in keeping terrorism at bay, especially in this country. Enough said about that!

Shirley Wolford has died. What a great lady she was. So many books written and even a movie. She is one of my role models for her drive and love of the written word. You always knew where you stood with Shirley. I had gone to visit her a couple of times the week before she died and although I'm a strong believer in LIFE, she was suffering so much that it was almost a blessing when she passed. I will miss her!

Had another meeting with Dave for our one-on-one crit sessions. He's experiencing a writing block, but the good side is that he is focusing on his poetry, which is quite powerful. He gave me a very nice compliment. He said my characters are so real that he can 'see' me walking along with them, experiencing exactly what they feel and it makes them so very real. Thanks, Dave!

Had my book club meeting on the books of Tami Hoag. While I didn't care for her stories or characters, I had to admit that she is excellent in setting up scenes that draw the reader into the moment. Overall most of the club members would read her again.

Had our 4 Goddesses meeting at Denny's last Thursday, with only three godesses attending - Cindie had to work late. JOan had her cataracts removed and now no longer has to wear glasses. It is always an evening of friendship and good critiquing.

Saturday was the LHCWG meeting. Had a big crowd. The feedback on my story 'What Waits in the Willows' was a surprise. Many commented on the nasty old lady character and how well developed she was. As I wrote it, she was just a means to further my plot. Funny how a reader sees things a writer doesn't even consider when jotting down the story.

On a personal side, my Thanksgiving Day celebration is coming along nicely. My daughter and her family, my sister and her husband, my niece and her boyfriend, a writer friend and her husband will be there and just this morning, my son called to say he and his wife are coming. I am already sooooooooooo Thankful that all these folks are in my life and heart and that they are coming to share the day with me.

I'm going to work on 'The Woman Between' now, so will sign off. Have a great Sunday!

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