Saturday, November 01, 2008

Lake Havasu City Writers Group Meeting Day

I did a Yahoo search today for Sharon Poppen and found so many links to my stories, as well as my novel 'After the War, Before the Peace.' And speaking of the book, Denise Cassino, who is doing a great job of promotion for my book, has put together a very informative package that includes a nice, actually very nice, review of the book. Check it out on my website .

Always a good day when the LHCWG gets together. Had almost twenty people there today! I had submitted my story 'A Helping Hand'. It got good reviews for the most part. It was our assignment week where the story can only have 250 words and the prompt was to use 'There was something about her/his eyes ...' as the first line. Most folks felt my story could have been fleshed out a little, which I agree, but overall it was the dialog that that got the best reviews. Crits are so very important. You don't have to use them all, but sometimes a big flaw will be identified and that's when the learning kicks in.

I found an article in the August 2008 issue of The Writer - 'In Writing, Persistence is Key' by Andre Dubus. I shared it verbally with my writers group today, because is is so on target with my philosophy on writing. I strongly suggest that if you're having problems staying focused, find the article. It's a great motivator and a good kick in the muse.

I didn't get to work on 'The Woman Between' today, too busy. It is the latest novel in my Farrell Family saga. They are such an interesting clan! What I'm focusing on is a romantic triangle between two brothers and the wife of one of them. I want the reader to like all three of them, despite their human flaws of weakness, pride and self-satisfaction. Another writer is acting as an editor. I've yet to get his feedback. He likes men who trade blow for blow, while I prefer to develop my characters with more subtlety. Let's see how that works out.

Our writer's group had its monthly reading at a member's home instead of Hastings Book Store. She decorated in the Halloween spirit and the stories were all great and very much on the macabre side in keeping with Halloween. A good time was had by all. Still, I prefer the public readings at Hastings. Can't say why, just the atmosphere and watching strangers sit with their coffee and listen to our offerings. It's all part of wanting to share what I write.

Towards the end of the week, I managed to get involved with my three on-line writers groups. Even penned a new story 'What Waits in the Willows'. Feedback has been good overall. Folks liked the two main characters who are cops. They are partners, but have totally different outlooks. I tried to show their characters (you know how I love working with characters) with dialog and a show vs tell. So far, the feedback is good.

Well, before I find myself rambling, I'll sign off. Gosh feels good to be blogging again.

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