Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It Was A Blast

November 18, 2008

The interview with Portia Allen, Lady Rerun, was a blast! She asked some great questions, played some of my favorite music and let me talk about my books and Colo. Free Univ. class. The two hours went by a lot faster than I had anticipated. I can only hope that some of the listeners were enticed to check out my books. Either way, I enjoyed the opportunity and send out a big thank you to her and to Denise for setting it up.

One of the nice things that Portia did was to actually read some of my work and she checked out my website. She raved about 'Hannah' and couldn't believe that it had originated as a prompt for one of my on-line writing groups and that it had been written as serial type episodes. She liked Hannah and her strong will. Also, she read my blog where I refer to the URL, University of Life. She was fascinated by how that term really said a lot about how I lived my life and how I got where I am and she is so right.

Had local commitments today that kept me away from my computer for most of the day, but I did get in my novel time and moved 'The Woman Between' ahead another 5oo words. I'll be getting feedback from Dave on Friday so I'll have an idea of whether my characters and plot are working.

On my local writer's forum, Gina left a comment about the value of Stunk and White's 'Elements of Style'. Amen! I don't know what I would do without it. She reminds all of us writers that 'Keep in mind that knowing the rules of grammar doesn't make a person a good writer, but a good writer will not get the recognition/respect that he or she deserves without knowing the basic rules of composition.' Thank you, Gina, for reminding us of this important aspect of writing.

Oh, an update to those two rejections I mentioned yesterday. I received a second email that said while I didn't win, I was chosen for the anthology and they were going to pay me five cents a word. So, I'm sending an email back asking if they are accepting or rejecting my work. I hope it's an acceptance!

All the feedback on my submission, 'The Collection', at my DD writing website as has come back as positive. It was the conclusion of a two part prompt where in part one we had to set up a cliffhanger, then stop. In part two, we gave our readers the conclusion. Glad it worked.

On my Flasher's Dozen workshop, I submitted 'Enough'. The feedback indicated the piece needs work. They had lots of questions, good questions about why the main character did what she did and what she picked that particular time to do it. Good crits that will help with my editing.

I went to bingo tonight and had a very lucrative time as well as a lot of fun. Won three games! The jackpots are small, still I more than tripled my entry fee, so Yahoo!

Time for Law & Order - Special Victims Unit. And, this addict must get my daily Law & Order Fix. Have a great day tomorrow!

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Portia said...

Hi Sharon, this is Portia Allen, Lady Rerun and I am so glad that you had a blast on my show! I have finished "Hannah" and I was very moved by the ending! The book is in your face, very well written, and have characters that you want to never leave! I cannot wait to read "After The War, Before The Peace"! Anyone that would like to check out my interview with Sharon Poppen can go to this link www.blogtalkradio.com/reruns-daughter. If there are any other authors that would be interested in doing an interview on my show, please email me at ladyrerun@gmail.com
Also, to learn more about me and my show check out my page at www.myspace.com/portiachuck
Thank you again Sharon for being on my show and I know that you will have great success with you books and future writings!