Sunday, November 02, 2008


I've updated the 'links' on my blog. Added some and changed some, so they will be more enticing to any readers. Also, included some blogs of good friends. I'm trying to work on remembering to go to sites that will link back to mine. I listened to a radio interview that Denise gave to Lillian Cauldwell regarding branding oneself. It was very good and if you go to Denise's website , you can listen to it. It's well worth the listen. After listening, I made some changes to my site. I added 'tags' so that if someone uses a search word such as Civil War, Western, Strong women, brothers and such my book will come up. Never thought to do that before. Thank you, Denise.

Today was a lazy day, perfect for working on my novel, 'The Woman Between'. Always fun to spend some time with the Farrell's.

Had lunch with my fellow Pioneers. Gloria was there and she is still urging her daughter to get James Wood to comment on my novel. Gloria had her daughter give Woods a copy of my book last year. With the popularity of the new movie 'Appaloosa', we're hoping the movie westerns will make a comeback and Mr. Woods will think my book would make a good move. Oh, I can dream can't I!!!

Lots of discussions going on in my local writer's group about socializing after the meeting. A large group of us has always gone to Denny's. The waiters/waitresses let us sit and talk for hours, give us separate checks and occasionally sit down to listen in, or join in, on our discussions. Now some folks want to stay at the library and chat socially. While I do enjoy the company of many of the folks who don't go to Denny's now, I like leaving the 'work' area and going for a cup of java or a bite to eat while we discuss everything from men, to politics, to religion, to movies, to you name it. So, I think I'll continue with Denny's.

It's late and I've got a big day tomorrow with exercise and setting up for the elections on Tuesday. Gosh I hope McCain/Palin win. The whole idea of wealth distribution, making changes to our precious Constitution and having admitted anti-American folks have easy access to the White House seems absurd. I sure wish Condoleza Rice had run for president. I believe she's one smart lady and the time has certainly come for a female, a black, or both, U.S. Presidency. Oh well, it will be what it will be and Americans will make the best of it, as always.

So, let me sign off by reminding you to vote on Tuesday. And while I hope you vote for the right man, I just want you to get out there and vote! :-) Oh, and you might want to stop by my website,

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