Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Forward Story Movement & Submission!!

Started the writing part of my day late, early afternoon as a matter of fact. But, I did move 'Lita' along and I've thought of a way to make this scene featuring Patrick as part of the core story. Hope it works out.

Laughter Loaf Ezine has a new design up at their website with a statement that they will be publishing again, soon. They are going to use my 'National Save the Quill Day' in their next issue. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Got a short story 'The Robbery' sent off to a place called River Walk Journal. They have on-line submissions, but I don't understand how it words to put the story in a tiny square. I did the browse, found my story and did an insert. When you read it, it just shows the title. I'll just have to see what happens. I do like that story and it would be a hoot to see it published!

Also, took a folder over to MCC to their Leisure Studies Director with a cover letter and sample of handouts for workshops that I would be willing to do for them. It would be nice to get some speaking gigs to help market my books.

The reason why I was so late with the writing today was I was enjoying (?) my bi-yearly, fun-filled, time having a mammogram! Yikes, it never gets easier. Then went to the County Assessors office to apply for widow's reduction (I got it) of my property taxes. Should make a big financial difference. Tomorrow I man the Republican Headqtrs Office for a few hours, then have on-line Pioneer Membership Training. Now, that I could do without! Wind is blowing ike mad, so think I'll go curl up in bed. 'til tomorrow!

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