Sunday, February 10, 2008

When to Write, When to Stop

Good writing day. I moved 'Lita' along. Good character expo in this episode. I had trouble making myself stop writing. But, I had errands to run. And, as I teach in my Short Story Writing workshop, a writer writes EVERYDAY. So, if I didn't stop and make myself do my errands, I'd probably have to add to tomorrow's list of things to do and I might not have time for my daily 'creative write'. I really thank that professor who gave me some hints about how to manage to write every day. She was a plethora of knowledge for me and instilled a committment to write in me so strong that I think I could give up food before writing. Well, maybe not spaghetti! :-)

Spent some time today with my Flasher's-Dozen writers group. Did two crits and sent off a new sub for the prompt 'pinch'. No feedback as yet.

Wrote my 2008 President's letter for my property owners assoc. My last one. HOORAY!! I sent it to my fellow board members for editing.

I finished my book 'The Black Hole' by Alan Dean Foster. For last third of the book, I could hardly put it down. The descriptions were brief but complete and the characters were so well defined that I loved/hated them intensely. I even loved the robots!! But the ending was a disappointment or at least very odd. Good loveable characters should be made to survive. Oh, he had them survive, sort of. But I wanted them to be saved in the traditional manner after all they'd been through. I liked it so much, I ordered the movie.

Watched 'Independence Day'. I always enjoy that movie. A little too testosterony, but still good.

Goodness, it's after midnight! Gotta run. Sleep tight.

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