Friday, February 01, 2008

Query Sent - Great Start to February!

Let's see, what did I do in the way of writing today. Well, I moved 'Lita' along again. I'm about to end a scene with everything working out happily, so now I need to get the family in some kind of a predicament, again. This time it will have to be an episode as they travel to Wyoming. I checked for events in the northern area of Texas in the 1890s and most of the history focused on the railroads moving into the area. So, maybe a problem with railroads. Hummmm.

Also, sent out another query letter with a synopsis of 'Abby' to an agent in London. Also, have all the info to enter a contest at Crab Orchard Review. They've not found my work worthy of note in the past, but maybe this time!

Had my yearly blood work done today. Will find out the results next Friday. Met with the gal who volunteered to paint the walls around the pool at the clubhouse. She had the same type of gentle beach/wave idea that I was thinking of. It should look nice. Then out to dinner at Bad Miguel's with Donna and Hank.

Oh, I think I sold my 5th wheel. It will be sad to see it go, but they seem like nice folks who will take good care of it and enjoy time spent in it. So, don't need that picture of a truck that I've been asking folks to find for me. Tee Hee

So, another busy day tomorrow, but a Writer's Meeting Day, so all is right with the world. Adios!

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