Saturday, February 16, 2008

Metaphor vs Simile

Lovely writing day! Started out by putting the final touches on my assignment for my LHCWG meeting today. The assignment was to write a 250 word story around the opening line, 'Nick had considered himself a lucky guy, until now'. I think it came out great at 249 words. I'll know whether it worked or not at the next meeting when I get the crits.

Then, more work on getting 'Abby' ready to send to publishers/agents. I'm having such a good time with it. I forgot how much I like the characters. It's almost like going to a family reunion and hearing about everyone's escapades.

Then it was off to the LHCWG meeting. The business part got bogged down a couple of times, but all in all it went quickly and we got to the crits. The feedback on 'Brothers' was positive, except for some dialog questions. Got into a real discussion over a piece turned in by Grace. She was working on metaphors. I thought it was an interesting exercise on her part. She mixed metaphors and similes, so we discussed the difference. I guess the difference is the use of the word 'like'. For instance, 'She's as mad as a wet hen' is a metaphor. 'She fumed like a wet hen' is a simile. More simply - a simile states that A is like B - a metaphor states that A is B or substitutes B for A.

Then it was off to Denny's. Lois, Vivien, Anne, Margaret and Jo. Small crowd today, but it was interesting. We got to talking about our past love lives. Got a little racy at times, but all in good fun. Then we got to talking about family dynamics and how different families interact. I felt good about me and my five siblings. We're very different, but our core value system is pretty constant - family first. We can argue and disagree, but it never lasts.

Then home to work on 'Lita'. I'm going to have quite a few pages for Dave when we meet on Monday. Still don't know if the current episode is pertinent to the story, but I really like it. I'd hate to cut it.

Then I watched 'Unfaithful' with Gere and Lane. Edgy picture. I've heard that 'Love makes the world go 'round.', but sometimes love 'stops the world'!

Last night we went to a new restaurant in town, 'Mario's'. Their eggplant parmigian is soooo gooood. Also, made reservations to go to the Riverside Casino on 3/8 to see 'Riders in the Sky'. They offer locals in the area two tickets for the price of one, so Betty & Jerry got two and I got two for Patti and me. Looking forward to it!

Well, it's back to 'Abby', so 'So Long Pardner! See ya tomorrow!'

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