Thursday, February 14, 2008

Updating Abby

GREAT writing day. Moved 'Lita' along and had a hard time stopping after a half hour or so, but there were other things I wanted to get done.

I wanted to get something submitted. I found an agent that requires the entire manuscript as a single file. My 'Abby' is broken down into 11 separate files. So, I decided to bite the bullet and bring all of 'Abby' into one document and reformat it to all single space, left justification. It took all afternoon and evening to get that done and do a line by line edit using some of the crits I've gotten on it over the years. I'm having a ball with it. Love Abby and the gang so it's fun to play with them.

Other than that, I workded three hours at Republican Headquarters. It's still early so I'm going back to 'Abby'. Slan leat!

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