Friday, February 08, 2008

Good Hooks-Good Conflict-?????? - Don't Cheat the Reader

Slow writing day. Moved 'Lita' along, in fact it sounds pretty good to me. Also, got feedback from Dave on the last few pages I gave him and he said they worked better for him than previous chapters. In fact he liked this one. He had some good suggestions to make, but nothing big. I was especially worried about the killing scene and how that would play as read by a cop. He said he found it believable. Yeah!

Had our Denny's night last night with Lois, JOan and Cindi. What fun to just chat and find out what's happening in our families, but the real fun part is when we begin our crits. JOan tried out a 'closing sentence' prompt from one of her oneline groups. It was good, but needed tighter closure. It was odd that I felt that both Lois' piece and JOan's need better closure. Their hook and conflics were sure to pull the reader along, but the endings left this read needed more info to be able to close the story out. I was surprised that there was no 'Planet Orb' from Lois and no 'Teri' from JOan. I'm really interested in both of those stories. I did get to read/crit the story by Cindi about the abused wife. Very powerful!! Of course, well written. I hope she can get it into print. Her attitude is so positive. I would think she'd make a good example because her attitude about the experience is respectbful; one can see the hurt and frustration after all this time, yet makes for a good example in how we compartmentalize both the good and the bad in our lives. Then when we need a story, we did into our cast of characters/situations and whallay! A story!

Got good news from the doctor today. ALL tests came back normal, actually better than normal, which prompted the doctor to say I get an A+ for the results. However, my throat still hurts, so he suggested an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist. I have to call him and make the appointment. also got my date for a mamogram. I'll be glad when the dr. appointments are over for another year.

Yvonne's son Joe is not doing well. She thinks he'll be dead within the month. I wanted to go over to see her and her son Gary who in town to say goodby to his brother, but I just can't make it happen. Besides, there are too many people there besides just Gary. I'm going to try for next weekend.

Then tomight we went to a Chinese buffet for dinner. Good! I'm beat! Almost falling asleep as I type, so I'm gone.........

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